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  • I didn't mean to say that anyhting should be PR for health facilities, since definitely there is still much to criticize in it. But the thing is, like Cheriola put it, that the story is usuall... at 09:35 on 30-10-2014 by Janne Kirjasniemi - link
  • On the other hand, I think the problem is that if going to mental hospital or otherwise seeking treatment always ends up at best opening a horrible can of worms and at worst ends up wit... at 22:53 on 29-10-2014 by Arthur B - link
  • I don't think films have a duty to do PR for modern mental health or care institutions, where there's a lot of systematic abuse/neglect. However, there is something in the idea that it's artis... at 22:47 on 29-10-2014 by Andy G - link
  • I can't think of a single instance where a Victorian era (or style, in the case of some fantasy) mental institution wasn't filled with staff that's wilfully malvolent and abusive. ...
    at 19:07 on 29-10-2014 by Sonia Mitchell - link
  • Well, I guess that's a little better. (I just said "nope" and switched off at that point. I may come back if I hear good things about the show - so far I've only read that it's dis...
    at 03:48 on 29-10-2014 by James D - link
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  • on Beyond Good Taste : Well, that maybe true, but the joke wouldn't work at all without repetition. Somehow the length and the badness makes it so stupid, that... 13:38 on 30-10-2014 - Janne Kirjasniemi - link
  • on Beyond Good Taste : Yeah, Lovecraft definitely wrote Re-Animator as comedy - unfortunately, it just consists of the same joke over and over again. 12:47 on 30-10-2014 - Arthur B - link
  • on Beyond Good Taste : I've always thought that Re-Animator the story was just a very comical thing(haven't seen the film). I don't know how intentional this i... 09:51 on 30-10-2014 - Janne Kirjasniemi - link
  • on Beyond Good Taste : These sound pretty dreadful. I really don't feel like most Lovecraft lends itself to cinema adaptation at all, not least because he bar... 02:38 on 30-10-2014 - Shimmin - link
  • on Please Don't Be Sad, Sam Neill : It would be sweet, if he could combine it with super long and quiets takes, which would descend into satanistic cannibalist shenanigans ... 20:33 on 28-10-2014 - Janne Kirjasniemi - link
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