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  • I've been watching iZombie, and quite enjoying it, in large part because it feels so tonally similar to Veronica Mars season 1. I also enjoyed the film and the two novels that were tacked ont... at 14:20 on 17-04-2015 by Ibmiller - link
  • Having done a tiny bit of research on iZombie, I note that the show was developed (whatever that means) by Rob Thomas, which, welllll ...  Pros: He's responsible for the first s... at 18:00 on 16-04-2015 by Robinson L - link
  • Re: Dust I only ever read the first book, and that one only once, and I wasn't paying super close attention. I remember Rien saying something about a parental figure telling her "ho... at 15:15 on 14-04-2015 by Robinson L - link
  • Robinson L: I just now saw your good wishes from all the way back in January. *sheepish* (I haven't been around much on account of having been having a depressive episode all winter.) 2014 was... at 17:05 on 13-04-2015 by Adrienne - link
  • Oh! And I wanted to recommend the new series iZombie. It's kind of Veronica Mars crossed with Pushing Daisies. The protagonist is a cute and snarky zombie who has to eat brains and wh... at 21:52 on 12-04-2015 by Cheriola - link
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