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  • Whoops, I completely spaced out on finishing my scenario.  Sooo, anyway, after having his ability to use the Force for evil stripped from him, Kylo Ren is placed in Chewbacca's custody... at 18:02 on 19-01-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • Also in my musing, I came up with a scenario for how they could avoid redeeming Kylo Ren and still have it be satisfactory.  Before going into that, though, I want to talk a little abo... at 00:36 on 19-01-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • Daniel F: There is room in this universe for creativity, once you unshackle yourself from familiar story beats.
     Very true. This is why, while I love getting more a...
    at 00:30 on 19-01-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • Probably not a great topic for the playpen. If you want to send me a message on my blog, or hunt me down on another social media platform for a DM or PM or something, I'd be fine with that. at 16:03 on 17-01-2018 by Ibmiller - link
  • Do you feel like expanding, or should we leave it there? I suspect that my views aren't quite the norm here either... but then, I suppose I'm not sure what the norm even is. at 08:18 on 17-01-2018 by Daniel F - link
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