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  • For me, "The Trains", "The Inner Room", and especially "Growing Boys" trump anything in Cold Hand in Mine,, but I did find some of the others to be somewhat weak, especially "Your Tiny ... at 02:40 on 29-01-2017 by James D - link
  • I actually have a copy of The Wine-Dark Sea in paperback, although it is unfortunately the American edition which misses "The Stains", among others. I have found Cold Hand in Mine</i... at 17:15 on 28-01-2017 by Ichneumon - link
  • Aickman's Cold Hand in Mine, in particular, is basically front to back gems of slow-burning Freudian morbidity in marginally genteel trappings
     Have you read...
    at 15:21 on 24-01-2017 by James D - link
  • That all sounds interesting! at 08:43 on 20-01-2017 by Arthur B - link
  • Bit apropos of nothing, but I think that my recent reading may be of interest to the greater Ferretbrain community, such as it is: James Blaylock's understated, lightly satirical supernatural ... at 06:06 on 20-01-2017 by Ichneumon - link
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  • on Lumley's Little Bites : No need - I don't feel like I'm missing out horrendously from not having read it.  Looking at The Taint, it's a collectio... 10:58 on 22-02-2017 - Arthur B - link
  • on Lumley's Little Bites :
    The Horror at Oakdeene, a rarely-reprinted Lumley story that, based on what I am able to discover about it, seems to ...
    22:38 on 21-02-2017 - Shim - link
  • on Lumley's Little Bites : I think it was a combination of the Necroscope series losing my interest and the Titus Crow novels being rage-inducingly bad. 13:59 on 19-02-2017 - Arthur B - link
  • on Lumley's Little Bites : Excellent review as always.   May I ask what it was that put you off Lumley in when you were younger? 11:18 on 19-02-2017 - Helter Shelter - link
  • on The Self-Hating Pantomime : Oh yeah, agreed. I should have mentioned the fact that it completely wimps out of the Alfred subplot. Understandable for a cartoonish fi... 18:59 on 27-01-2017 - Jubal - link
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