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Ferretbrain was an easy-going, irreverent e-zine about stuff - we published reviews, essays, opinion pieces, podcasts and whatever else we thought was cool at the time. It was fun while it lasted, but it's sort of served its purpose, and so by mutual agreement between both our founding editor Wardog and our current editor Arthur we are shuttering the place. The website will stay as it is so that people can pay their last respects and save anything they want to treasure forever; then it will go dark as April 2019 draws to a close. For full details see the announcement here.

For our articles, you can click on the articles link on the sidebar or browse this very front page for updates. Podcasts can be found under podcasts. The playpen was where we talked about things we found on the internet, or what happened to be on our mind at the time.

We would ask you to refrain from commenting except for on the Ferret Blogroll - a repository of links to places where contributors and commenters are going to be hanging out and posting their stuff in future - and for the Playpen, if you want to say your goodbyes there. If you still have an OpenID, that might still work. If you have an existing account you have lost access to, email the editor (editor at ferretbrain dot com) and he can help you out; otherwise, under the circumstances we're not giving out new accounts.

For more information about Ferretbrain, check out our about page (currently left as our previous editor last revised it - and now will no longer be revised).

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  • Well, fuck. Not unexpected, but i'll miss Ferretbrain a lot, for all that i'm a very intermittent guest. I'll check out the blogroll and try to find folks elseweb. I'm also on Twitter at @adri... at 06:26 on 26-11-2018 by Adrienne - link
  • OKAY! Comment successfully posted to Wordpress! Sorry about that. Who would have guessed that catching a cold, having to renegotiate my water contract, planning and celebrating my mother's bir... at 04:16 on 25-11-2018 by Raymond H - link
  • @Arthur, re: The Dick and Moorcock series: I’m glad to hear that you’ll be getting back to those eventually. I adore those.  @Robinson: That’s a lovely offer! Thank y... at 01:03 on 13-11-2018 by Ichneumon - link
  • Yeah, I got distracted, but I've also be slow working through the October batch - still only about halfway through.  Fair enough on the retrospectives, I'll look forward to the next in... at 22:30 on 12-11-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • On the Goatswood review: already fixed (I guess you've been working on this comment for a while, huh?), and indeed already transferred to new blog.  On Dick and Moorcock: I'll get to '... at 21:28 on 12-11-2018 by Arthur B - link
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