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  • Not typically a fan of Let's Plays, but this one of Hopkins FBI is completely hilarious, mainly th... at 20:14 on 31-08-2014 by Arthur B - link
  • Maybe he'll grow up and do a real comic one day. at 19:05 on 30-08-2014 by Fishing in the Mud - link
  • Wow. The really depressing thing about that is that some of his art is actually really good. He's got a young-Foglios vibe going on, and his sense of color on the covers is excellent. What a w... at 09:31 on 30-08-2014 by Adrienne - link
  • Some of the anatomy in that comic is absolutely terrifying. at 03:37 on 30-08-2014 by Michal - link
  • I guess it's because he's a Nice Good Guy he can give you purely platonic, friendly hugs three times better than those jerks who can only hug you with two arms. at 01:37 on 30-08-2014 by Arthur B - link
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