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  • Happy birthday Ichneumon! (Better late than never, I hope.)  And hopping in (also a bit late) to the conversation about The force awakens: I confess my memory of the original t... at 18:58 on 13-02-2016 by Jamie Johnston - link
  • So it's my birthday today.  Not exactly breaking news or of much relevance to this train of discussion but officially adding another year to the tally is a bit of an event. at 22:59 on 12-02-2016 by Ichneumon - link
  • Yeah, the other person I've talked in depth with about Legacy felt basically the same: big yawn for protagonist and yet another boring Sith reiteration, but really interested by the Fel... at 20:00 on 11-02-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • But part of the excitement for me in those books was also on the cosmological scale, and the - incorrect - sense I got that Sauron's acquisition of the ring could mean indefinite v...
    at 03:34 on 11-02-2016 by Daniel F - link
  • Arthur: Just because peace is fragile and rarely lasts doesn't mean it is worthless.
     Yeah, I agree with that, but in a fictional sense, and specifically the fictio...
    at 00:36 on 10-02-2016 by Robinson L - link
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