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  • (The Bard said "brevity is the soul of wit." I leave it up to the reader to judge what kind of wit I must have.) at 20:02 on 26-08-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • Janne: Don't forget Finland! We're always happy when our modest ugrian existences are noticed in the big world
     Right, sorry. I think I knew that, but I wasn't sure...
    at 20:00 on 26-08-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • Robinson:
    (Cribbing liberally from Norse Mythology and a bit from Greek was apparently a-ok, though.)
      Don't forget Finland! We're always happy when our modest ...
    at 13:45 on 25-08-2016 by Janne Kirjasniemi - link
  • Sorry for the delayed comment, work obligations have kept me busy.  I concur with Arthur about the role of divine authority in Tolkien's works. Actually, I was thinking less of kings, ... at 03:30 on 25-08-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • Yeah, there was a massive might-makes-right component in fascism; there's an infamous incident where a member of a local Nazi party branch wrote to Hitler complaining that their local leader w... at 07:40 on 23-08-2016 by Arthur B - link
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