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  • Even though I'm an American (or maybe because I'm an American; we don't have many legitimately leftist politicians here), I am quite enthused at the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn leading ... at 21:10 on 27-07-2015 by Craverguy - link
  • Those both sound reasonably good, though I tend toward's Melanie's. Like any subgenre though, it's hard to pin down exactly. You know it when you see it. There's usually a lot of very unple... at 10:07 on 27-07-2015 by Shim - link
  • I had been interpreting "grimdark" as meaning: "fairly humorless, dark and unpleasant, and proud of itself for being such". Exaggeratedly pessimistic, maybe with claims of being "serio... at 02:51 on 27-07-2015 by Melanie - link
  • Could you please clarify how you personally interpret the term "grimdark"?
     Now I haven't seen Spartacus, but this question got me thinking about grimdark in genera...
    at 01:24 on 27-07-2015 by James D - link
  • I really enjoyed Sense8. It isn't without some major flaws, but the features that seem to garner the most criticism don't really strike me as problems. Its leisurely start and disregard... at 02:21 on 24-07-2015 by Chris A - link
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