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  • Ichneumon: Just chiming in as an actual American here
     Er, the way you say that, it makes me feel like I should check to make sure my citizenship hasn't been revoke...
    at 18:30 on 09-12-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • P.S. Clinton won the popular vote by two-and-a-half million votes. This difference between the popular vote and what the electoral college has been given is the widest since Samuel Tilden trad... at 00:16 on 09-12-2016 by Ichneumon - link
  • Just chiming in as an actual American here (albeit one who favours Commonwealth spelling, which is perhaps deceptive) that this idea that the wave of support which Trump received was reducible... at 00:11 on 09-12-2016 by Ichneumon - link
  • Yes, well, formatting aside, I think it's an excellent analysis, one which largely aligns with the commentary I've seen already, but in slightly different language, which I find useful in reac... at 22:30 on 19-11-2016 by Robinson L - link
  • Ugh, I need to stop using my phone to write such long things. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs. at 19:23 on 19-11-2016 by Janne Kirjasniemi - link
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