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  • Yeah, they really dropped the ball there. What was that thing with her sister? Even when I was actually watching the movie the first time (as opposed to thinking about it later) I was confus... at 17:02 on 02-09-2015 by Melanie - link
  • I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy well enough, but every time another bit of Gamora's backstory came out, I kept thinking, "Wow, that is super plot-relevant! Why is that being shoved in... at 02:48 on 26-08-2015 by Sunnyskywalker - link
  • @Arthur: Fair enough, but I'm afraid for your sake that the current superhero movie fad has not yet hit it's peak, and it's going to be some time now until those particular levers inevitably b... at 22:00 on 25-08-2015 by Robinson L - link
  • I'm personally kind of tired of the whole superhero cycle at this point. It's the old story: movie studio finds combinations of levers they can pull which yields major returns; movie studio pu... at 11:00 on 25-08-2015 by Arthur B - link
  • I still haven't seen Guardians, but I did see Winter Soldier recently.   Honestly I found it completely adequate as a superhero film, but a bit tedious at times. In par... at 21:15 on 24-08-2015 by Shim - link
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