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  • I'm kind of a compulsive proofreader, i'm afraid. If Arthur or any of the rest of you ever want a quick proof of something pre-posting, let me know, i'm always happy to help if i have the time... at 00:18 on 02-03-2017 by Adrienne - link
  • I was going to mention that in a comment, but I was too engaged with reading the article and it totally slipped my mind.  Incidentally, the detail of a frog scraping its own eyes out o... at 23:48 on 01-03-2017 by Ichneumon - link
  • Thanks! at 23:38 on 01-03-2017 by Arthur B - link
  • There's a couple other errors in there too, including that i think you mean Kuttner in this sentence:  
    This is the first of Price’s stories of the alien city-state o...
    at 23:33 on 01-03-2017 by Adrienne - link
  • Hey Arthur, i'm just catching up on the last couple months of FB stuff, and i noticed you seem to have accidentally a word in the Bloch/Kuttner review. Specifically, you're missing a verb some... at 23:29 on 01-03-2017 by Adrienne - link
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  • on I, Reader : It's odd. In The Naked Sun it isn't really played up - Baley is more embarrassed and flustered by Gladia's behaviour than actuall... 12:36 on 27-03-2017 - Arthur B - link
  • on Dissecting Lovecraft Part 8: Supernatural Horror In Biography : So this is the payoff to all the deliberately mysterious hints you've scattered throughout this Lovecraft series. Interesting.  ... 20:36 on 25-03-2017 - Robinson L - link
  • on I, Reader : And remains Mrs. Bailey throughout? So, a philanderer, then. I suppose that's not too surprising. 20:30 on 25-03-2017 - Robinson L - link
  • on I, Reader : Mrs Bailey is alive and well for both the other novels. 01:43 on 25-03-2017 - Arthur B - link
  • on I, Reader : I listened to I, Robot on audiobook eight or nine years ago and I found it all right, despite, as you say, Asimov’s very ba... 18:30 on 24-03-2017 - Robinson L - link
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