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  • @Robinson: Pure pacifism is my ideal, but violence in a purely defensive capacity does not morally offend me so much as it strikes me as a depressing potential eventuality when dealing with vi... at 05:14 on 19-07-2018 by Ichneumon - link
  • Ichneumon: I’m with Robinson when it comes to institutions like the military on an ideological level, I think ... Militaries are useful in specific circumstances
    at 20:30 on 18-07-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • I GOT A JOB! Sort of! Kind of! I still need to produce either an International Driver's Permit, a Japanese translation of my driver's license, or some form of documentation allowin... at 11:33 on 18-07-2018 by Raymond H - link
  • But I found someone who can drive me to my friend's apartment in Tokyo, so I don't have to leave any of my stuff behind when I have to leave this company housing. at 09:28 on 17-07-2018 by Raymond H - link
  • I didn't get the job with Berlitz. at 07:28 on 17-07-2018 by Raymond H - link
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