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  • Recently came across this Washington Post article about <a href="https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2015/07/20/men-who-harass-women-online-are-quite-literally-losers-new-stud... at 20:36 on 18-08-2017 by Robinson L - link
  • Hmm, I’d heard about Doyle writing a Holmes pastiche/parody, which was characterized as a good-natured self parody (though given it was written between “The Final Problem,” a... at 20:02 on 15-08-2017 by Robinson L - link
  • Huh. I'd always assumed that Bert Coules wrote the BBC radio Sherlock Holmes pastiche "The Thirteen Watches" to update the canon with a little bit of LGBT-representation (much like the team of... at 04:23 on 09-08-2017 by Cheriola - link
  • To restart the conversation:  Apparently Beyond Good and Evil is finally getting a sequel (well, prequel). But I'm no... at 20:34 on 08-08-2017 by Cheriola - link
  • Thanks for the new password, Arthur. I wasn't aware before that your system allowed me to change it. I've changed it now to something I won't forget again. at 17:58 on 08-08-2017 by Cheriola - link
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