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  • Could be because the axes on the graphs didn't have proper values marked. Lack of scientific rigour is severely punished round here. ;) at 23:37 on 05-03-2015 by Jamie Johnston - link
  • Hey, does anyone know why this article has disappeared from the site? at 23:15 on 05-03-2015 by Craverguy - link
  • All right, Arthur. That sounds fair, thanks. at 15:00 on 26-02-2015 by Robinson L - link
  • Tell you what, since you have a heap of articles there and they've sat there for a while I'll set them all to "draft" so you have a chance to reread and make sure your opinions on the things i... at 10:26 on 26-02-2015 by Arthur B - link
  • Well, the Bollywood article ("The disco crowd had better move over") and "Chaos Sucking" are probably the ones I would want addressed first - mainly, though, I just wanted assurance that they ... at 03:00 on 26-02-2015 by Robinson L - link
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