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  • Fair enough! I'd certainly be interested in reading your thoughts at greater length. John Brunner seems to be mostly forgotten by the mainstream these days, only getting a few references here ... at 10:51 on 01-07-2016 by James D - link
  • James D: I wasn't communicating clearly, i think. My position is that there's PLENTY of both action and "whoa awesome" moments in the book; they're just things that the book shows you on its o... at 08:28 on 01-07-2016 by Adrienne - link
  • Cheriola, Robinson L : Thanks for the congrats! I certainly never expected, at my age, to find someone i was interested in marrying, much less someone who was interested in marrying ME! at 08:23 on 01-07-2016 by Adrienne - link
  • the idea that a large majority of Tories would vote for Brexit but that Leave would nevertheless lose the referendum, thus providing Boris with compelling evidence of his sway over...
    at 04:08 on 01-07-2016 by Melanie - link
  • I just saw that Fox (UK) is going to air "The Book of Negroes" mini-series under the less historically-based title "Someone Knows My Name", starting July the 17th. I watched that last year and... at 22:26 on 30-06-2016 by Cheriola - link
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