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  • It took a while, but I've now seen The Last Jedi again twice in theaters. The first rewatch in particular brought up a number of fresh points, as well as new perspectives on some old on... at 15:30 on 15-02-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • @Ibmiller: Okay, I'll keep The Telling in mind for future reference.  The book in question is The Fifth Sacred Thing (1993) by pagan activist Starhawk, and, if you want t... at 20:00 on 26-01-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • Arthur - I would LOVE to read a review of the Hainish books that don't get read as much. The Dispossessed is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, and I really enjoyed The Telling, R... at 16:53 on 26-01-2018 by Ibmiller - link
  • Good to know. As I said, I have deep respect for her contributions to the genre, and I always appreciate ferretbrain reviews of topics I have some interest in, but can't be arsed to go into bl... at 05:15 on 26-01-2018 by Robinson L - link
  • I am absolutely pro-Le Guin. I've been working my way slowly towards doing a review of the lesser-known Hainish materials and should probably shunt that up the priority list. at 21:10 on 25-01-2018 by Arthur B - link
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