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  • I'll just apologize again for my ill-thought ruminations, this time without rationalizations, definitely and categorically. And I wish well for everyone concerned. at 11:43 on 22-11-2014 by Janne Kirjasniemi - link
  • Robinson L., thanks for your kind words and understanding. Thanks all for listening.  I'm nipping back in to say: I don't, can't, won't speak for all PoC, in case this gets brought up... at 02:29 on 21-11-2014 by Pear - link
  • Thank you, in turn, Pear (and you, too, Jamie); I've been trying to sort out my own thoughts on the controversy, and your posts have been immensely helpful in clarifying matters.  I'm ... at 00:30 on 21-11-2014 by Robinson L - link
  • Thanks everyone.   A good rule of thumb is that if you feel the need to add 'I just wanted to say...' then you may want to check whether you're actually just repeating yourself. It's f... at 21:30 on 20-11-2014 by Pear - link
  • I understand and can sympathize with the urge to explain oneself upon being called out for being offensive. I've certainly experienced times where I felt I had a potentially valid point which ... at 18:30 on 20-11-2014 by Robinson L - link
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