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  • Thanks for the advice, Arthur; I'd completely forgotten about the Dreamwidth option.  I mean, if I'm reading the "Account Termination" (6th point) accurately, they say they're going to... at 18:06 on 19-04-2017 by Robinson L - link
  • (It has been noted that to log in and migrate to Dreamwidth you need to accept the new TOS. However, consider the following:  - If you're just logging in to migrate your account and th... at 11:12 on 19-04-2017 by Arthur B - link
  • Yeah, the people I know who have Livejournals all seem to be migrating them to Dreamwidth. at 20:40 on 18-04-2017 by Arthur B - link
  • @Ibmiller: Just wanted to let you know that I've been meaning to respond to your latest comments on livejournal but, 1) I'm traveling again right now and kinda busy, but more importantly, 2) I... at 20:00 on 18-04-2017 by Robinson L - link
  • As someone who sorta follows Marvel comics these days (not nearly as closely as DC), I think the real problem isn't diversity, but crummy comics and overreliance on events that have had two se... at 18:54 on 10-04-2017 by Ibmiller - link
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