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Ferretbrain is an easy-going, irregular e-zine about stuff. So if you're excitably eclectic, curiously cantankerous, articulately adventurous (although not necessarily adverbially alliterative) and unduly attracted to shiny things this could be the place for you.

We publish articles and reviews and anything-else-that-seems-appropriate on whatever subject looked sparkly today. Books, movies, art, philosophy, history, computer games: it's all good to a ferrety brain. We don't have a house style, as such, but we like to keep things companionable and conversational.

I've always believed that it's better to be interesting than right. People have very sensibly tried to tell me that I should aspire to be both but the important thing is simply enjoying the process of getting there. Getting where? Wherever.

Join the Crew

If you want to join in, get in touch with the editor with appropriate enthusiasm and a username you would like to be given. You'll then be emailed login details, and can log in, post comments to articles, and write on the walls of the Playpen.

Want to go further? Want to contribute? You're more than welcome to - get in touch! You'll need to send us a piece you'd like to contribute (or a writing sample), a profile picture (doesn't necessarily have to be a picture of you!), a valid e-mail address we can contact you at, and a little introduction to yourself. See our contributor pages for inspiration :-)

You can comment on any FerretBrain article if you have an OpenID. The big blogging platforms (like LiveJournal and Blogger) provide OpenIDs, as does Yahoo.

Commenting Guidelines

We genuinely love comments, and we want to make the site a friendly and welcoming place for occasional visitors and regulars alike. I don’t want to lay down rules because it’s not that kind of place – but please be warned that posts that are over-long, not on topic, overly offensive, incoherent or otherwise problematic may be disemvowelled.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q. Why 'FerretBrain'?
A. That's a longish, dullish kind of story, as these things so often are. Basically, I realised that I wanted a space other than my angst-infested LJ to write about the stuff that interested me. So I wandered the world-wide web for a few days, reading what was available, and none of it quite suited my purposes: everywhere was too specific. Here you wrote about computer games, here you wrote about books, here you wrote about literary fiction and so on and so forth. Probably I just didn't search hard enough. But the long and the short of it was that I decided to make my own damn space. And here you are. I called it ferretbrain because ferrets are curious (if smelly) creatures, who seem to interact with the world rather like I do (i.e. like enthusiastic dilettantes) Also I wanted a name that captured a spirit of fun and accessibility, rather than something literary, Latinate or pretentious. If you'd have met me a year or so ago, I'm sure this site would have been called ineluctablemodalityofthevisible.com or something. Has anybody registered that? And if not, why not?

Q. Do you guys ever like anything?
A. Um, yes ... I'm sure we do ... occasionally. I was quite enthusiastic about Sarah Monette, and Dan has a bit of a soft spot for Trudi Canavan and, Arthur, of course is a squidgy squealing fangirl for Gene Wolfe.

Q. Why are you so mean about JK Rowling all the time?
A. Because she deserves it. Hack.

Q.Will you review my work of discovered or undiscovered genius?
A. God, yes. We love free stuff. Just drop me an email. But I would also add a warning to the effect that we are not the gentlest of reviewers. On the other hand, we do strive to be fair and our love for the texts we admire, rarely though we find them, runs deep and true. For a sample gauntlet of negative reviews, maybe take a look at Eight Week Waiting List for Buttsex, Shut Up My Angel of Music or Across the Face of the Bored. For some of our treasured favourites, consider The Black Magician Trilogy, Incarceron or The Grin in the Dark.

Q. I'm an enormous geek. What can you tell me about FerretBrain's internals?
A. Er... not much. It's almost certainly open-source, because our webmaster won't shut up about it, and he once mentioned something called a BAMP stack, if that means anything to you. He's told me to refer to Viverra, and is apparently doing his best to make FerretBrain standards-compliant. If you've got any questions or suggestions, get in touch with the webmaster.

Q. Why can't you think of more IAQs?
A. That's a good question, and I'm afraid I don't know. I will, however, update this page when inspiration strikes. If you have a question, however, do feel free to email me.


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