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The Hammer Horror adaptations of Dennis Wheatley's novels of cartoonish Satanism display the studio at its best and worst.

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Michal at 01:57 on 2014-10-05
...and so, in his writing, opposition to Royalty, the class system, and traditional morality is evil on a cosmological scale.

How very 17th century of him. No wonder he was drawn to the idea of Satanic cults.

So I take it your reviews this month are Ferretbrain's equivalent to Shocktober?
Arthur B at 02:21 on 2014-10-05
Nowhere near that official (and I make no guarantees of doing it again next year).
Raymond H at 02:23 on 2018-07-18
Er... any chance of any of Mr. Wheatley's works being in the public domain and ripe for a Marx Brothers-style retelling/parody? Asking for a friend.
Raymond H at 07:28 on 2018-08-07
I watched The Devil Rides Out today, and I wanted to find something to say that you haven't already written for this article, but sadly I have nothing (You stole all my snide remarks man! Man!). I will say though that as frustrated as I was with Rex, and as often as I found myself thinking "Why are you even here, Rex?" throughout the film, I realized eventually that he's kind of a narrative necessity, because if the Duc really is as skilled and knowledgeable as he claims and consistently demonstrates throughout the story, really the only possible way there could be any conflict at all is if some idiot whom the Duc keeps having to save makes all the stupid, conflict-driving mistakes for him. Anyways, fun movie, wish I could read more of Wheatley's stuff. Even if it might prove indigestible at parts, the sheer fun and adventure I felt from Devil will hopefully make the fibrous bits sweeter. Also, yes, the ending was very silly, but then again, I've had worse.
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