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A cross-section of Brian Lumley's short stories reveals a career more diverse than Cthulhu Mythos rehashes and endless Necroscope sequels.

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Helter Shelter at 11:18 on 2017-02-19
Excellent review as always.

May I ask what it was that put you off Lumley in when you were younger?
Arthur B at 13:59 on 2017-02-19
I think it was a combination of the Necroscope series losing my interest and the Titus Crow novels being rage-inducingly bad.
Shim at 22:38 on 2017-02-21
The Horror at Oakdeene, a rarely-reprinted Lumley story that, based on what I am able to discover about it, seems to be a fairly simple “asylum inmates attempt to summon a Great Old One” deal

I actually have this one - it's in The Taint. Happy to pass it along if you'd like.

Happily it also contains The House of the Temple, which I agree was one of the strongest stories and is a good implementation of the trope. My take from that very small selection of 7 stories is that Lumley works best when he shakes off the Derleth/Lovecraft style and writes something a bit looser and more natural.
Arthur B at 10:58 on 2017-02-22
No need - I don't feel like I'm missing out horrendously from not having read it.

Looking at The Taint, it's a collection of Lumley's longer Mythos stories, which I think helps a bit since he's able to develop his ideas more convincingly.
Ichneumon at 23:45 on 2017-03-01
Possibly it is a nod to the fact that one of Lumley’s stories - The Night Sea-Maid Went Down - appeared in The Starry Wisdom, an infamously hyper-surreal collection of Lovecraftian tales which showed a joyous disregard for the stodgy old Mythos “canon”.

I actually own a copy of this one. Should I find it, I would gladly give it a review. It's very, very odd.
Arthur B at 08:39 on 2017-03-02
I have it too but if you're keen to review it then I say go for it.
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