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Frank Belknap Long is mostly known as a friend of Lovecraft's, but is his own writing any good?

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Shim at 19:03 on 2017-03-16
On Chaugnar Faugn: I've never read the story and, given your review, don't intend to (a shame, because some aspects of the entity as I've seen it mentioned it sound moderately interesting).

I did run across this depiction of a monster which is my current headcanon for Chaugnar Faugn; the "dude with elephant head" being clearly the half-baked rambling of some Brits who once saw a photograph of a statue of Ganesh.
Arthur B at 12:38 on 2017-03-18
I can post you the book if you like, I'm not going to reread it and you can be amused by the cheap production values.
Shim at 20:50 on 2017-03-18
Well, when you put it like that... no rush though, maybe bring it along to a game? Unless you're desperate to get it out of the house, I mean.
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