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Onyx Path's latest Werewolf release is mauled at birth by a familiar-but-different lupine hero from the past...

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Robinson L at 22:30 on 2017-06-24
Another entertaining article, Arthur, and it makes me excited for your write up of the World of Darkness NetFlix series whenever it comes out.

I’m still puzzled on one point of lore from your summary of the background, though, which I'm hoping is more fully explained in the source material itself. Specifically, I'd like to know if the source material gives an explanation for why the War of Rage even happened in the first place? Not being familiar with World of Darkness, and going strictly by the information in this article, I can't make any sense of what would motivate the Garou to go all Exterminatus on their fellow defenders of Gaia. It must be something pretty damn huge, rather than a unique intersection of circumstances, since the War of Rage apparently has the potential to flare up at multiple points throughout history. What's up with all that?
Arthur B at 23:46 on 2017-06-24
This is one of those things where having an entire supplement dedicated to the subject muddies the waters more than it actually clarifies everything.

In standard Werewolf the War of Rage is ancient history and the actual casus belli can believably be forgotten or summed up as "They decided that the other Changing Breeds were actively stopping them doing their job/were sabotaging them" and have done with it. By putting the War at centre stage and providing a range of different flashpoints the supplement manages to make it more confusing and not less, because a) there's now multiple "whys" depending on the flashpoint you choose and b) the flashpoints are describe in enough detail that weak points in the history seem more evident.
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