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The fifth Underworld movie is a bit of a mess, even by the series' own dodgy standards.

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Ibmiller at 02:28 on 2017-07-09
Glad you got to see it, underwhelming as it was. I was also disappointed that they got rid of pretty much everything in Awakened, but that's their prerogative, as the director and writers. The writing around Michael and Eve's characters felt a lot like the way the newest Pirates movie wrote around Will and Elizabeth's characters - and was similarly unsatisfying. One wonders if the rewards for making a movie that dances around what it really wants to show because they can't convince the old actors to come back outweigh the negative impact on the franchise. I suspect not, but then again, I'm never good at predicting these kinds of things.

I did think that the super speedy/ghosty powers were cool, and appreciated the different dress aesthetic that the ghosty vampires brought to the series.
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