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Ibmiller at 02:32 on 2017-07-09
I bought Beren and Luthien the day it came out, and really enjoyed it, despite, as you say, having read most of it before in The History of Middle Earth. Except for the freaking poems. I still don't enjoy those parts of Tolkien's drafts for the series, and the fact that they remain unconcluded continues to give me more than enough motivation to continue to ignore them.

The illustrations aren't quite as stunning as the ones for Children of Hurin, but still really excellent, making me even sadder that we're probably never getting the Fall of Gondolin book that would be my favorite of the three Great Tales of the First Age. When in high school, I typed out all of the bits and pieces of that tale from Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle Earth and attempted to do what C. Tolkien did with Children of Hurin - weave a coherent tale of the story from many fragments, though I think I went further, doing a lot of stylistic harmonizing (removing present tense exclamations when the action gets heavy, interpolating later forms of words like "elven" rather than "elfin", etc). I would definitely buy that book on the day it came out, especially if it had Alan Lee illustrations.
Arthur B at 03:48 on 2017-07-09
I imagine that the Tolkien Estate has plans in place for Gondolin in the event that Christopher isn't able to see the job finished.
Ibmiller at 04:14 on 2017-07-09
I hope so. That would make me beyond happy - it's the one Human/Elf marriage that has the potential for a different ending than Beren/Luthien and Aragorn/Arwen.

Also, I'm a contrarian, so I love championing the story that's gotten the least amount of love. :)
Robinson L at 20:00 on 2017-08-08
Oops, looks like I haven’t already commented on this one.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing about a new Beren and Lúthien book, and kind of wondered exactly what material it contains, so I appreciated reading this.

you are abruptly told that to secure your victory for good you have to go do an extra-hard dungeon and take down YHVH himself. Since I and several of my demons had hit level 99 by this point (and so could not level up further), this felt like unwanted busywork thrown in for the sake of padding out the game, so I quit at that point.

Huh. I would’ve thought the opportunity to defeat freakin’ YHVH would be incentive enough, even if it is busywork from a plot perspective.
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