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Mongoose Publishing's first version of Paranoia saved a much-loved RPG from oblivion; their new one may send it back.

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Arthur B at 00:45 on 2017-09-16
Surprise update on this: Matt Sprange put out an update on the Kickstarter today announcing that Mongoose now considered Ultraviolent to be a dead project.

Ultraviolent was going to be a mission pack written by James Wallis, who after being extremely late delivering the core rules on this project and the main product of his own Alas Vegas Kickstarter campaign seems to have remained true to form by being extremely late delivering Ultraviolent, to the point where Mongoose have given up hope on it being delivered at all.

I'm kind of floored by Sprange talking about being unable to get in contact with Wallis except through an intermediary, but on the other hand he's also shown similarly extremely avoidant behaviour in dealing with his Alas Vegas backers so it perhaps isn't so surprising. The line about "a ridiculous situation for grown adults to be in" kind of says it all, really.
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