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Sören reads The Simoqin Prophecies by Samit Basu. He finds it a balancing act between (not quite) pratchettesque fun, deconstructionist fantasy and jabs at PCRPGs. Sometimes it feels like a crossover between The Elder Scrolls and Monkey Island, but it has its great moments, too.

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Robinson L at 20:30 on 2018-01-01
You know, your description does make the book sound awfully appealing, even if it isn’t as good as it could’ve been. I probably will try to check it out someday, although it looks like it’s not available through my standard book-acquiring outlets, so I won’t be in a huge hurry to get my hands on it.
Sören Heim at 12:45 on 2018-01-02
This is really one of those books I loved at times and hated it at others. In its better moments it shows what Fantasy can be if an author really engages with modern literary techniques. And in its worst it is just another adventure plot wanting to have its glory and deconstruct it at the same time... Which can be really annoying. But I had fun reading it, so you might to, since I am very picky ;) And it's written in a way that you can really fly through it.
Robinson L at 22:00 on 2018-01-08
in its worst it is just another adventure plot wanting to have its glory and deconstruct it at the same time

To me, personally, that doesn’t sound like an actively off-putting read; and not necessarily all that annoying. I’ve probably read through worse for a story I enjoy. So, yeah, if I ever get the chance and have some spare reading time, I’ll probably check it out, and enjoy it.
Sören Heim at 09:03 on 2018-01-09
No, not off-putting at all. As I said, party brilliant, partly not as brilliant, still within the top 20-25% of all Fantasy I read (this is a rough estimate of course, I don't actually keep lists and calculate percentiles... ;) ) Hope you'll enjoy.
Robinson L at 15:30 on 2018-01-09
Sounds like more than good enough for me. I'll be sure to make a report once I've read it, though but that'll probably take a while.
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