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First of a series about the most famous Cthulhu Mythos anthology, and the collections that tried to take its crown.

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Ashimbabbar at 18:01 on 2017-10-09
concerning the Leiber story, according to wikipedia it was begun in 1937 but not finished until 1976 ( talk about artistic dedication ! wait, no, I believe he did write some other stuff in between ), so there's a point in including it with stories of HPL's contemporaries
Arthur B at 21:51 on 2017-10-09
That much makes sense, and of course Leiber was a contemporary of Lovecraft - but at the same time I taste more than a bit of the 1970s Leiber in the actual writing. Given the long gestation time I can't believe that the story we finally got in 1976 resembles especially closely the story as it would have stood were it finished in 1937.
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