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Though not overtly billed as such, Robert M. Price's Acolytes of Cthulhu collection is basically "Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos/The New Lovecraft Circle Take Two".

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Robinson L at 00:02 on 2017-10-31
He then slams cosplayers at conventions, suggesting that they render the whole thing frivolous and mundane, and also criticises attempts to win mainstream respectability for Lovecraft. (This was before the Library of America put out a Lovecraft volume.) Because it's not enough for us to be Lovecraft fans, apparently - we have to be fans within the set bounds of Price’s sensibilities, keeping things just respectable enough for quasi-academic blowhards like Price to feel like scholarly gentlemen but not respectable enough to get the attention of experts who’d recognise Price’s Lovecraft scholarship as the slipshod amateur work it is.

That’s a reasonable interpretation, but it to me it sounds equally likely that Price is just a massive hipster.
Arthur B at 10:27 on 2017-10-31
Why not both?
Robinson L at 20:36 on 2017-10-31
Hmm, could very well be that, too.
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