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Lamberto Bava's A Blade In the Dark is a stylish giallo ruined by a crass and offensive ending.

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Robinson L at 00:36 on 2017-10-31
unlike anime, where the original material was all produced in Japanese and English dubs have often been shoddily-produced afterthoughts

Wow, zing.

From what I know of anime, that may be true of the 80s and 90s, but my understanding is that English dubs have greatly improved in quality over the past 2 decades or so, and my admittedly limited experience of anime supports this thesis. I’m surprised the resident anime fans haven’t been after you for that one.
Arthur B at 10:03 on 2017-10-31
The accepted wisdom still seemed to favour subs over dubs back in the 2000s when I was occasionally stopping by my university anime club, though things may well have changed. Either way my Googling suggests that there's still a remnant of people who greatly prefer subs over dubs simply because it's the "more authentic" version of the material, whereas the point I'm making here is that for the purposes of many Italian films the Italian soundtrack isn't necessarily "more authentic" than the English one.
Robinson L at 20:24 on 2017-10-31
My understanding from my position out on the sidelines is that there's still an ongoing debate over dubs versus subs in the community - but as you say, the pro-sub side seems to emphasize authenticity, which speaks directly to your argument. That's why I was surprised to see you throw in a dig at the production quality of anime dubs, which to my knowledge is not in question (except maybe among really hardcore sub supporters), and didn't seem to speak directly to the point you were trying to make.
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