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Sören has dug up another gem of fantastic literature. Kalpa Imperial - The Greatest Empire That Never Was by Argentinian author Angélica Gorodischer is an ambitious piece. But what exactly is it?

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Arthur B at 15:53 on 2017-12-26
Readers wanting to compare and contrast our impressions can find my review of this here.
Sören Heim at 19:46 on 2017-12-26
Oh, didn't see yours before, Arthur. And I really thought I knew every single article on this site due to a binge-read some years ago.
Seems, at least two new translations of works of Gorodischer's have been published since 2008. So: Progress, yeah!
Robjec at 14:46 on 2018-01-02
I think this may be the first book in your series ofnreveiws I'm interested in. I was wondering if you'd ever read "the Source" by James A. Michener, I feel that it's similar enough to give credence to the idea that this is a novle.
The only thing missing from it compared to other nobles told through short stories is a framing story right? ( I may be off here, but thats just the impression I was getting)And if it can stand alone without one it feels like a silly reason to not call it a novel. I don't feel like a book should be dinged for not including extra literary devices it didn't need.
Sören Heim at 13:24 on 2018-01-06
Sure - Novel-like works composed from several shorter stories have been around for quite a while (Bocaccio, Goethe). What makes Kalpa special is obviously the large periods of time between the stories - but it develops a convincing type of "unitiy".
"The Source" I havent read yet.
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