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Black Robe is often thought of as the Canadian Dances with Wolves, but is the comparison apt? Raymond investigates.

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Bill at 23:43 on 2018-05-09
I haven't seen either movie, but I have read the Brian Moore novel Black Robe is based on. Any thoughts on book/movie similarities/differences?
Raymond H at 08:50 on 2018-05-10
Alas, just as you have not seen the movie, so too have I not read the book. Judging from the Wikipedia article though, it seems as though LaForgue in the book baptizes the Huron because they believe it will cure them of the plague, something LaForgue in the movie pointedly refuses to do. LaForgue in the film desires converts, but he refuses to obtain them under false pretenses, in contrast to the other priest at the mission, who sees little point in actually teaching the Huron Christianity so long as he fulfills his baptism quota.
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