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Raymond fulfills his promise to cover a romantic comedy by choosing the last romantic comedy you'd expect to find on this site

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Raymond H at 11:04 on 2018-06-20
Also! Content warning from the writer:
If I haven't made it clear already, despite my attempts at keeping an open mind as a stranger in a strange land, I myself also do not endorse or condone adult-teenage relationships, or any relationships that do not involve consent. I've already posted a link to the NCADV, so for good measure, here is a link to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. Believe me, you may not feel like you can do much, but every little bit helps. The NCADV and RAINN are both American organizations (I don't know enough about other countries' organizations), but if any of you non-Americans can send links to places you can help out at, by all means, feel free to do so.
(Sorry if this isn't a very well put-together warning. As Arthur will tell you I'm a novice at this.)
Alice at 19:31 on 2018-06-20
Regardless of where you sit on the Kinsey Scale or romantic scale or whatever hip new spectrum is hep with the kids these days, sex is a very important and very powerful part of who we are as human beings.

I imagine there are plenty of ace folks who would disagree with you on this one.
Raymond H at 23:03 on 2018-06-20
Yeah, I was having difficulty figuring out how to best phrase that sentence due to the presence of ace people. However, and this is speaking only from my own experience with my own ace friends in my own life, that sex and romance are still a big part of their lives. Even if they themselves don't have any need for sex, all my ace friends at least have a desire for romantic human companionship, which I think is a disparate, but similar enough desire that it gets tied up in a lot of people's desire for sex. Also, even if you yourself don't need sex, you still have to contend with friends, family, and most everyone else in the world around you who does, and a few of my ace friends still geek out and squee over yaoi, so even if their own sexual desire isn't a thing, they can still take joy and get invested in other people's desire.

Like, if you're a pacifist monk in a country torn apart by war, war is still a major part of what's going on, even if you do not participate in it or want it, and even if you are largely defined as being in contrast to it. Does that make sense?

I realize that probably sounded like a "But look, THESE ace people think this way", but that's actually why I put the caveat of them being my friends. I don't know if you are ace or if you have ace friends and family who feel differently, and whatever experiences they or you have are just as valid as those of my friends, but I hope I was able to address your concerns. Yes? No?
Arthur B at 00:23 on 2018-06-21
Would it meet both Alice's point and preserve Raymond's meaning if it was amended to "how we relate to sex is a very important and very powerful part of who we are as human beings"? Regardless of whether you are entirely asexual and aromantic or way over on the super-romantic horndog side of the bell curve, figuring that out about yourself and figuring out how to navigate a sexualised society are a) big deals, especially in your teen years and b) seems to be what the article is focusing on.
Raymond H at 09:03 on 2018-06-21
Yes, I think you put it nicely like that. Man, you're a lot better at this than me. :)
Arthur B at 12:19 on 2018-06-21
I have edited accordingly.
Raymond H at 12:01 on 2018-06-25
Yar. Thankee, boss.
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