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The two Disciples of Cthulhu anthologies have a fine reputation. Is it merited?

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Bill at 18:45 on 2018-07-08
I take it the implication that Lumley and Campbell were more established authors than Fritz Leiber is a slip of the pen? Or do you mean they were the most established of the newer authors?
Arthur B at 21:09 on 2018-07-08
I'd say they were more established as specifically Mythos authors; Leiber, you're correct, had enjoyed a much longer career, but he hadn't actually done that much Mythos writing, whereas both Lumley and Campbell put out entire Mythos-focused anthologies by 1976. I'll update accordingly, though, because you're right that that's an oversight.
Raymond H at 09:55 on 2018-07-09
Man, I really love Clark Ashton Smith. During my brief bout of homelessness I devoured Zothique until I realized that the stories probably weren't the best for my then-current mental state. I read Boku Girl after that. I think though, the moment I realized that Smith was something special was when I read Checkmate. It wasn't simply that it was entirely different from the Lovecraftian horror that I had come to expect, but rather that it somehow managed to retain the exact brand of morbid humor I had found in those horror tales, just in a completely different context. Also, it's a wonderfully written and tightly edited story. It's a shame that Smith isn't more famous.

Also Arthur you should totally team up with H. Bomberguy. You're both English, how hard could it be to meet up (I say this as someone who must repeatedly explain to friends and family how just because something happens in Japan, that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near it)?
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