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As showrunner for Hannibal, Bryan Fuller took the Thomas Harris oeuvre and ran amok with it.

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Raymond H at 06:46 on 2018-07-16
Wait, Bryan Fuller as in Pushing Daisies Brian Fuller? Hm, I didn't really have much interest in Hannibal, but if it has the whimsy and weirdness of Daisies in it, then I might have to check it out. (Proceeds to check out midway through the review)

Ugh, I really hate the "autism=superpowers" trope. But at least it's better than the "All autistic people are barely functional Vulcans" trope, right? Right? Enh...
Still, I'm less annoyed by the trope when the main focus of the media isn't Autism itself (as with Adam) or the media doesn't have other glaring problems with it (as with The Imitation Game). Although, actually Adam wasn't so bad, just kind of ham-fisted. It was certainly better than Imitation Game. Yeah, Adam was alright, it was just telling the same single story, albeit better than with most other cases. From your description, Fuller seems to have put an interesting, side-stepping twist to things, and with the focus on the whole murder business, this seems like it could be a nice change of pace.
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