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Matt Groening's new fantasy-themed cartoon series isn't that good.

Comments (go to latest) at 16:00 on 2018-08-27
I kind of agree with some things, the sound was a bit off, some of the characters did miss (though a lot is going to depend on exactly what they do with what happened to Elfo...) but the last few episodes had a bunch of real neat tweaks. (especially what was going on with Oona, and how they ended up completely twisting around what you had been expecting of her towards the end)

I am definitely going to watch the next ten episodes just because I am kind of interested in seeing where it goes, even if a lot of the jokes didn't land.
Raymond H at 12:55 on 2018-09-01
Rich Fulcher, Matt Berry, AND Noel Fielding? What is this? The Mighty Boosh in Fantasyland? Aha, badum-tish!
Actually that sounds awesome.

Also, as the team's resident Japan-guy, I am legitimately upset that I had never heard of the George H. W. Bush vomit incident until this review. Apparently there was also a Jimmy Carter rabbit incident, a Bill Clinton haircut controversy, a Jimmy Carter UFO incident, and the Dick Cheney hunting incident (that at least I already knew about).
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