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Raymond may have missed his deadline, but he keeps his promise of an article on all the movies he watched this summer.

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Arthur B at 13:35 on 2018-09-05
Hm, I wonder if the character of Johnny in My Beautiful Laundrette was inspired by Nicky Crane? He hadn't publicly come out in 1985 but he was apparently a pretty regular fixture of the London gay scene so it's possible that he came onto the filmmakers' radar when they were doing background research.
Raymond H at 02:10 on 2018-09-09
It's certainly possible. The only things I know about the role of Johnny though are the casting shenanigans (The writer thought Daniel Day-Lewis was too posh to play Johnny, but the director was convinced to cast him after Lewis sent a very passionate letter threatening to break both his legs with a hammer).
Robinson L at 15:00 on 2018-09-24
think, in our attempts to be more open-minded and three-dimensional in our portrayal of foreign characters, we can sometimes forget the sheer joy of watching an over-the-top, hammy, camp villain, the kind of villain the Iron Sheik exemplifies. Granted, as much as I love seeing the Yellow Claw being EEEVIL all the time, I still love the character of Jimmy Woo, All-American Boy way more, and I’ll never say no to more positive portrayals of POC’s. But I can’t help but get hyped when I see a marvelous display of unrestrained villainy, and I adore the Iron Sheik for that.

Reminds me of the controversy around Star Trek: Into Darkness when they recast Khan Noonien Singh as Benedict Cumberbatch. I remember the article "Star Trek: Into Whiteness" talking about how important the original Khan was to fans of color because, basically, even though he was a villain, he was an awesome villain.

I guess the best way to put it is that Terence Fisher knows how to make something interesting and compelling even if we already know exactly what we’re going to get.

That's its own special story-telling skill, all right.

Re: Hiroshima mon amour:

Wow, it's always kinda surreal to come across a discussion of a relatively obscure book or film on this site and go, "Hey, I recognize that! I watched/ read it." Although in this case, I feel like it was only clips of the movie I saw. I'm pretty sure the circumstances I saw it under were related to studying postcolonial theory in some ways, but beyond that, the details of surrounding my viewing have escaped my memory. Given what you say about the movie's theme, maybe that's appropriate.
Arthur B at 15:10 on 2018-09-24
recast Khan Noonien Singh as Benedict Cumberbatch

I think you have this the wrong way around, because having a PoC play Hubert Cumberdale would actually be very progressive casting. ;)
Robinson L at 20:00 on 2018-09-24
Meaning like how we have Lucy Liu as Yun Jingyi, more commonly known as Joan Watson, on CBS' Elementary? I agree; sadly, such was not the case with the casting of Into Darkness.
Robinson L at 20:02 on 2018-09-24
(Or am I missing the joke?)
Arthur B at 23:15 on 2018-09-24
Casting X as Y means that X the actor is playing the character Y...
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