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After the Satanic Panic collapsed, gamers carried grudges from it into the future.

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Ronan Wills at 19:28 on 2018-10-08
This is an interesting collection of articles. I was vaguely aware of the individual pieces of the story, but had never had the whole narrative laid out chronologically before.

It got me thinking about what today's equivalent is, and the conclusion I came to is that it's--unfortunately--marginalized identities. I know in the UK there's a sudden upsurge of groups pressing the idea that being trans is something your kids contract due to reading too much Tumblr, for example.
Arthur B at 21:59 on 2018-10-08
I don't know whether it's an actual upsurge or whether it's that the existing TERFs out there are just being louder; I'm not aware of any real studies on how many people out there are ideologically transphobic (as opposed to just having a knee-jerk response they don't bother to construct intellectual quasi-justifications of).
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