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A statement on the future of Ferretbrain - or rather, the lack thereof.

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Ronan Wills at 00:43 on 2018-10-31

I'm honoured to have contributed two articles to the site right before it wound down.
Arthur B at 00:48 on 2018-10-31
Thanks for the sentiment! Please keep farewell messages to the Playpen, though - I'm trying to gently discourage commenting except there and the Blogroll, in part so that conversation drifts elsewhere, thereby strengthening that decentralised network of ascended postferrets I was talking about. ;)
Ashimbabbar at 20:59 on 2018-10-31
I didn't expect this… why, there's a lot of the earlier articles I haven't even read.

How long do we have before the site closes ?
Arthur B at 02:09 on 2018-11-01
To allow time for this process to happen and for people to add their details to the Blogroll, the site will remain accessible until the midday of 30th April 2019, UK time; at that point (or as soon as convenient afterwards) we’ll pull the plug.
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