Ferrets, Farewell!

by Arthur B

A statement on the future of Ferretbrain - or rather, the lack thereof.
So for what I think is the first time I’ve actually succeeded in my goal of having a new article posted on Ferretbrain in a vaguely horror-related theme for the entire month of October, without a break and without technical issues bringing the site down. Hooray!

So, what next?

What’s next is that Ferretbrain is going to come to an end.

We have had a good run, but let’s face it: the expected lifespan of a ferret is some 6-10 years. We’re coming up to 12. That’s not half bad, but this place is no longer the lively, raucous zone it used to be. New sites have risen and fallen, the principles of good website design have moved on, social networking has given us all the enclaves for debating amazingly specific subjects we could possibly want, and the bar to setting up your own blog is low-to-nonexistent.

What community we had here has been winding down for a while, and I think at this point it’d be best for us various ferretneurons to drift off in our separate ways. We can stay friendly, we can even link and comment on each others’ content should we choose - but there’s no need for that purpose to be served by this platform any more.

This is the second-to-last article which will ever be published on Ferretbrain. The last article will be the Ferret Blogroll, on which any existing contributor or commenter who has their own blog or website can post their details. If you add your blog or website to the Blogroll, that indicates that other Ferrets are welcome - and, indeed, encouraged - to also link to your blog or website on their own personal sites; in that way we can keep a Ferretbrain-flavoured community intact and maybe even grow it without needing to keep Ferretbrain-the-website about at all.

Please refrain from commenting on any other article aside from the Blogroll after this point, and please keep the Blogroll for links to your own stuff; any final goodbyes or reminiscences can happen in the Playpen.

Contributors are welcome to repost their articles on their own web spaces as they see fit - or allow them to disappear with the site, it’s your call. (For my part, I’ve got over 500 articles on this mamajama, and I intend to repost most of them - along with new content - elsewhere.) To allow time for this process to happen and for people to add their details to the Blogroll, the site will remain accessible until the midday of 30th April 2019, UK time; at that point (or as soon as convenient afterwards) we’ll pull the plug. If you have an especially large amount of content you’ve posted to the site which you want to archive, get in touch at editor at ferretbrain dot com and I will see what can be done about that.

Practically speaking, if there is a bit of Ferretbrain content you are especially fond of which you want to archive offline for your personal, private perusal, I can’t really stop you - but this is your polite warning that you are not to repost online or republish offline any material from Ferretbrain which you were not the original author of unless you have received that author’s direct and unambiguous permission. Copyright is still a thing, folks, and so’s basic politeness and decency.

I would like to thank all Ferretbrain contributors, commenters, and collaborators who’ve added something to the site over the years. Special thanks to Rami, who has been the technical backbone of Ferretbrain from the beginning, and of course to Wardog, our original editor and founder (with whose blessing I am taking this step).

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