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As the ferrets scatter to the four winds, here's where you can find the work of contributors and commenters.

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Ichneumon at 00:16 on 2018-10-31
Going forward, my anime reviews can be found here:

My musical output, while not really especially relevant to what I would have posted here, may be found here:

Technically, I also have a Tumblr blog for longform analytical and discursive material, but I haven't updated that in literal years; conversely, while I've been scaling back my activity there a lot, I can be found on Twitter (@NotConvincing), although mostly I just reblog nonsense and complain about politics and/or people being Wrong on the Internet.
Ichneumon at 00:19 on 2018-10-31
P.S. Message me on Twitter if you want my Discord info, as I am far more active there than I am on the surface web.
Ronan Wills at 00:37 on 2018-10-31
My assorted writings can be found at Ronan's Internet Content Venue (
Michal at 01:18 on 2018-11-02
Been a while since I posted here, but my browser still remembers my password so hey!


Twitter: @onelastsketch

DeviantArt: OneLastSketch
Robinson L at 15:29 on 2018-11-02
I'm on Dreamwidth:

And Wordpress:

I haven't updated either in years, but maybe with the site shutting down I'll start posting again. At the least, I'll probably repost some of my more substantial Ferretbrain articles on one or both so folks can find them again if they so wish.
Alasdair Czyrnyj at 01:10 on 2018-11-05
It's a shame that you're shutting the site down, but I suppose not everything can last forever.

For the record, I'm Alasdair Czyrnyj, and I can be found at:

I also took the liberty of making PDF copies of all my reviews/articles a few months back, and they are available on my blog over here:
Arthur B at 01:37 on 2018-11-05
Awesome! I will link back to them bit by bit. :) (I've stripped out a lot of link to others' articles for my reposts on Fake Geek Boy/Refereeing & Reflection because I didn't want to just assume people would repost their stuff elsewhere.)
Raymond H at 05:10 on 2018-11-08
I don’t have a blog (although I should probably get one now). I do however have a slipshod, slapdash, self-published novel which can be found here. Feel free to leave a scathing customer review, as I freely admit that, even with all the stuff I’m proud of, there’s a lot of cringe-worthy crap in the book as well.

My second novel, The Song of Morien: A Quartet is nearing the end of its final draft, and I should have it up on a Google Doc for friends and family to proof-read before the month is over. If any ferrets are interested in doing that, feel free to let me know.
Ibmiller at 04:41 on 2018-11-26
I'm only a commentor, though I did have the great honor of guesting on one of the last podcasts I know about on the site (about As You Like It, or Whatevs). My blog is almost entirely at

I started reading this website through Dan's epic takedowns of Harry Potter 7 my senior year of college, well over a decade ago, and I'm sad to see it go. Thank you, very much, to everyone who made it what it was.
Sören Heim at 10:03 on 2019-01-07
Sad to see this end, especially such a short time after I joined. Gonna repost my texts eventually on my own blog ( & I'll try to get a rather small collection of recomendations for really great fantasy in english going there... most of the blog is, unfortunately for my readers here, in german, though.
Goodbye... this is/was a great site.
Sonia Mitchell at 20:11 on 2019-02-15
It's been a good run, ferrets. Thanks to you all, and I hope to keep following your thoughts and reviews.
For the blogroll:

I link to things I've done at UnrealSonia. I tweet things I wish I'd done at @UnrealSonia.
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