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by Arthur B

As the ferrets scatter to the four winds, here's where you can find the work of contributors and commenters.
Don't be sad Ferretbrain is ending; be glad that there's an entire Internet out there to smear your brainthoughts on!

This is a list of blogs, websites, groups, forums, and other places where Ferretbrain contributors post their stuff. Sites will be listed below, under the name of the contributor or commenter in question (with a handy link to their Ferretbrain profile, should they have one, if you want to reacquaint yourself with their work on here).

To nominate a site for the blogroll, just add it to the comments and I'll fold it in. There's just two simple rules to bear in mind.

RULE THE FIRST: It's gotta be your own site, or at least a site you co-run! Don't be posting links to other people's stuff, that's creepy and overfamiliar, don't be weird.

RULE THE SECOND: Remember, if you post your site here, you're inviting Ferretbrain contributors, commenters, and readers to read your stuff, subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter, link to your site from theirs, post comments if your place has that functionality, and generally engage with your site in the manner in which your site is set up to be engaged with. Be sure you are happy with that happening!


Alasdair Czyrnyj

I can be found at:


I also took the liberty of making PDF copies of all my reviews/articles a few months back, and they are available on my blog over here:


Arthur B

The Thoughts and Fancies of a Fake Geek Boy is my new online hangout. I've transferred more or less everything I've written on Ferretbrain that I want to keep online there, unless it would belong more naturally on one of my two subject-specific blogs, those being:

1) Refereeing & Reflection, which is my hobby games blog which I've been working on for a while. It's all about tabletop RPGs, wargames, LARPs, gamebooks, and all that good stuff. Anything on those subjects which used to be here will be transferred there in short order.

2) Nothin' Means Nothin'!, where I'll occasionally post thoughts about pro wrestling that I judge as being slightly too detailed for a non-wrestling audience.


I'm only a commentor, though I did have the great honor of guesting on one of the last podcasts I know about on the site (about As You Like It, or Whatevs). My blog is almost entirely at ibmiller.tumblr.com.


Going forward, my anime reviews can be found here: http://themanime.org/credits.php?id=JM

My musical output, while not really especially relevant to what I would have posted here, may be found here: https://silenceandsecrecy.bandcamp.com/

Technically, I also have a Tumblr blog for longform analytical and discursive material, but I haven't updated that in literal years; conversely, while I've been scaling back my activity there a lot, I can be found on Twitter (@NotConvincing), although mostly I just reblog nonsense and complain about politics and/or people being Wrong on the Internet.

P.S. Message me on Twitter if you want my Discord info, as I am far more active there than I am on the surface web.


Blog: https://onelastsketch.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @onelastsketch

DeviantArt: OneLastSketch

Robinson L

I'm on Dreamwidth: https://irreverent-intellectual.dreamwidth.org/

And Wordpress: https://tothemarx.wordpress.com/

Ronan Wills

My assorted writings can be found at Ronan's Internet Content Venue.

Sonia Mitchell

I link to things I've done at UnrealSonia. I tweet things I wish I'd done at @UnrealSonia.

Sören Heim

Gonna repost my texts eventually on my own blog & I'll try to get a rather small collection of recomendations for really great fantasy in english going there... most of the blog is, unfortunately for my readers here, in german, though.

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