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Wardog plays Mask of the Betrayer and thinks about it too much.

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Jen Spencer at 11:23 on 2007-11-12
The spirit meter and munching spirits reminded me a lot of Soul Reaver. I've not played any of the Neverwinter Nights games, so I don't know how alike they are in practice, but that's what your description made me think of.

Declining meters can be engaging, but also terrifying (see the Life Meter in Knightmare: "My skin's falling off! I need an apple and a piece of cheese, stat!"), but I think a)having it be able to kill you in a cut-scene is lame, and b)it's nice if people give you ways to be able to affect the speed of its decline. In Soul Reaver, for example, your little dead vampire dude collects runes throughout the game, and, like may games, when he collects enough of them his spirit meter increases in size, so when he fills it he has more time to piddle around before he needs another soul-snack. The other cool thing that Soul Reaver does with its spirit meter is having it recharge when he's in spirit worlds. Does MotB do this? If not, perhaps they should think about it for next time.
Wardog at 16:36 on 2007-11-12
The flaking skull Knightmare thing was fucking terrifying; and you'd hear this rapidly thudding heartbeat which got increasingly louder as the poor bastard in the horny helmet (or whatever it was called) slowly expired for want of cheese.

I've probably been a bit harsh on the spirit metre to be honest; you can get various abilities/skills/doohickies which reduce the rate at which you get peckish for souls. And if you go down the Munchies Route of eating everything in sight presumably you get skills that makes you soul consumption more efficient. So there are several (theoretically) interesting ways of managing it, it's just the whole time-pressure aspect of the spirit meter doesn't fit within a game genre that's notorious for its meandering, serial-resting, random wolf-killing, barrel-looting gameplay.

I think Death By Cutscene was a programming oversight rather than a design decision. At least I bloody hope so; I can't imagine they wanted to make extended conversation the most dangerou aspect of the game.
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