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Arthur reviews Blade Runner: the Final Cut.

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Wardog at 11:41 on 2008-01-02
I saw this over Xmas, although on a TV screen rather than a movie screen sadly. God, it looks amazing, it's certainly a labour of love and it's a relief to see tinkering that actually seems to contribute something worthwhile to the original rather than pissing it over horribly. Apart from the spit and polish, though, I didn't actually notice what they'd added - although this could have just been the post-Xmas stupor I was in while watching. I thought, perhaps, the eye-squishing scene was slightly more graphic? And I'm genuinely surprised to learn they redid the Zhora/window episode.
Arthur B at 14:49 on 2008-01-02
According to this article the eye-squishing was more graphic - it was always supposed to look that nasty, but they had to cut it a little. Also, the dialogue in that scene has been fiddled with.
Wardog at 10:17 on 2008-01-03
I can't tell whether it says bad things about me or bad things about the movie or nothing at all of relevance that the only thing I really noticed was the increased shiny and the increasing violence. They seemed to have made Roy marginally less psychotic overall though.
Arthur B at 11:49 on 2008-01-03
I do appreciate the fact that Roy seems less psychotic even though the violence he perpetrates is shown in more detail; I think the problem with the earlier, more deranged take on Roy is that it justifies society's attitudes to the replicants; if even the best of them are dangerous sociopaths, why shouldn't they be "retired" when they slip out of control?
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