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Snow Witches, Space Assassins, and a heap of Hell and Death between them.

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Robinson L at 20:00 on 2010-08-04
This article is the second (and so far, final) ferretbrain article to be referenced on wikipedia.
Arthur B at 20:52 on 2010-08-04
They also seem to have misread this bit:

This mechanic is clearly inspired by the sanity mechanic in the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which is unsurprising since Games Workshop printed and distributed a version of it to the UK market.

as reading "distributed a version of House of Hell", rather than "distributed a version of Call of Cthulhu". I have corrected.
Shim at 23:12 on 2010-08-04
Amusingly, someone has reverted your correction (either not bothering to actually read the article here, or misunderstanding it). I've corrected it again and referred them to this article for proof of what is in, well, this article. Hopefully they'll leave it alone this time. Although I'm not convinced we're an appropriate citeable source for that kind of information, to be honest.
Arthur B at 01:24 on 2010-08-05
Indeed, if we're really the best source for this it speaks poorly of the state of contemporary gamebook scholarship.
Andy G at 03:25 on 2010-08-05
We'd better stop researching our facts on Wikipedia or things are going to start getting extremely recursive ...
Arthur B at 21:01 on 2013-10-05
So I was watching Stormhouse (indie horror movie about a facility where the US government keeps a ghost captive - kind of like a low budget Guantanamo Bay for the dead) and I was amused to see a character reading Caverns of the Snow Witch at one point. No pencil or dice in evidence so evidently they were cheating like fuck though.

For extra irony, the character is one of the soldier-dudes, and in the previous shot the soldiers had been mocking one of the scientists and calling him "geek-boy". Takes one to know one, nerds.
Ashimbabbar at 00:31 on 2014-11-24
"Incidentially, the bit where you're given the mission is the first paragraph of a decent length in the book so far, so I'm wondering whether this isn't where the original adventure actually started."

Actually, no; the adventure started at the same point and went the same way until you snuffed the witch; this taken care of, loaded with bounty, you went back to Big Jim to claim your 50 gold pieces because, hey, a deal's a deal.
Arthur B at 00:57 on 2014-11-24
Makes sense to me - according to You Are the Hero the tacked-on bit was the death curse nonsense at the end, which in retrospect feels like a whole load of setting padding that exists to fluff out the paragraph count and show off Livingstone's worldbuilding.
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