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Ferrebrain's nonsensical literary competition continues.

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Rami at 23:33 on 2010-05-31
If Hamilton pulled out the dream sequences of Dreaming Void and collected them into a novel, would you read it?
Arthur B at 00:52 on 2010-06-01
I might or might not read it all the way through, but I'd probably be less impatient with it than I was with The Dreaming Void as a whole. That catslug kid actually seemed to be going somewhere.
Jamie Johnston at 20:27 on 2010-06-01
For my part I probably wouldn't, no. There's more sense of narrative momentum and character than in the rest of what we'd read up to this episode, and a possibly more interesting setting (though at first glance, and possibly on subsequent glances too, a less plausible one), but I didn't find it very compelling, and the Wise Magic Nun Child annoyed me. Then again it isn't the sort of thing I normally read, so the fact that I wouldn't read it may not be a sign that it's bad, just that it isn't so exceptionally good as to appeal beyond its target audience.
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