Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor Episode 6 – In Your Face

by Wardog

In which something quite unexpected happens, and Kyra is very very happy.
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Previously on Ferretbrain Presents: the TeXt Factor, we voted out A Kiss of Shadows for being rapey and boring, although substantially less rapey and less boring than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Here is our image of it being destroyed by spiders and broken mirrors.

You would not believe how much effort it took to put that image together.

We continue to be impressed by The Woman in White. Kyra is fed up with Drood being full of stuff Simmons looked up on Wikipedia. Jamie hearts The God of Small Things with a big red cartoon heart, has trouble sympathising with Sam Spade, and observes that interesting things happen to him in boring ways. We also spend a long time telling stories about ourselves, instead of talking about books.

Vague Running Order

0:01:45 – The Woman in White
0:12:18 – The God of Small Things
0:23:55 – Wolf Hall
0:34:23 – The Maltese Falcon
0:43:27 – South of the Border, West of the Sun
0:58:30 – Drood
1:12:42 – Score!

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Comments (go to latest)
Jamie Johnston at 22:48 on 2010-06-13
The knot in question is a cow hitch, apparently.

Feels like I was quite interrupty in this episode: sorry everyone!
Arthur B at 22:52 on 2010-06-13
This is a SPOILER but is also IMPORTANT ADVICE for anyone considering continuing with Drood (or starting on it):
don't bother, it's shit.
Rami at 12:39 on 2010-06-15
Great episode guys!

Yes, the Indian subcontinent does have an odd love/hate relationship with the colonial-power-that-was. It's very complicated and I don't understand the half of it myself :-( However, Roy herself talks about it in her nonfiction writings -- I can't remember the specific collection at the minute but she goes into it a bit in one essay and touches on it in dozens of others.
Robinson L at 20:02 on 2010-06-28
Thanks for the warning, Arthur. Unfortunately, your previous enthusiastic discussions (I'm referring to the collective “you” here) have already convinced me to read the book, even despite this later retraction.
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