Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor Episode Eleven – The Final!

by Wardog

We present the final installment of our ludicrous literary competition
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Previously on Ferretbrain Presents: the TeXt Factor, we voted out ten out of our twelve books. In case you've forgotten, here they all are:

Most recently, we voted out South of the Border, West of the Sun - it was cool, but not quite as cool as our two finalists.

Here is our visualisation:

Umm ... I'm not sure what's happening in it. Which is kind of appropriate, given the context.

So this week we have wine. Delicious wine in a really peculiar bottle. Dan once again fails to remember the order we voted things off in, and Kyra objects to dream sequences. The God of Small Things tells us about toothbrushes, madness, family and childhood. The Woman in White tells us about typhus, plotting, poisoning and popery.

Kyra draws comparisions to A Song of Ice and Fire and Othello as it is commonly staged. Jamie gets rather fixated on a housekeeper. Like really fixated.

And that's a wrap! Thanks everybody who's listened and commented. Stay tuned to Ferretbrain for more peacasts, our Edinburgh coverage and our usual random assortment of silly articles on pointless subjects.

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