Ferretbrain Goes To Edinburgh - Day 3

by Wardog

This time starring: the wind in Edinburgh!
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Wardog has a bad day. We take a random punt on Bright Is The Ring of Words and are impressed, are disappointed by Imperial Fizz, think Meow Meow is awesome and bicker about Barockestra although Kyra is clearly right.

Go see: Meow Meow, Bright is the Ring of Words.

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Jamie Johnston at 21:11 on 2010-08-25
I'm really liking this 'dispatches from the front' vibe. Sorry to hear about the hot women / sexist geeks disparity.

Barockestra's name makes me deeply suspicious. Doing two entirely independent puns within a single word should only be allowed if the result is incredibly neat and clever or so hilariously awful that its awfulness is the only thing anyone could ever like about it.
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