Ferretbrain Presents the TeXt Factor Halloween Special Girl Books for Girls Part the Third

by Wardog

Ferretbrain's increasingly drawn out Halloween Special enters its third phase
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This time around we are mildly incoherent due to its being after midnight, Jamie continues to defend Hush, Hush on the basis that it might actually be a completely different book, and we try to work out how two books can be almost exactly the same and at the same time utterly unlike each other.

00:43 Twilight
11:04 Fallen
19:37 Hush, Hush
28:48 Glass Houses
33:07 Vampire Academy
38:30 Vote

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Comments (go to latest)
Bryn at 22:06 on 2010-11-14
The first one was a 'part'. The second was a 'round'. Now it's an 'episode'. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what the next one will be...
Dan H at 23:09 on 2010-11-14
We still have "volume", "section" and "phase" to go.
Arthur B at 23:15 on 2010-11-14
"Phase" was used in the tagline for this one...
Wardog at 09:57 on 2010-11-15
I like phase ... it's like ... it's just a phase we're going through!
Arthur B at 10:17 on 2010-11-15
I'm pretty easy-going about what you choose to call these things. Whatever you pick, I'm not phased by it...
Shim at 11:10 on 2010-11-15
My only gripe is that it messes up the ordering if you download the episodes, as episode 3 sorts before part 1 and round 2.
Jamie Johnston at 11:46 on 2010-11-20
Having now read to the end of one or more of these books, allow me to say:

Oh, we were so deliciously wrong about a major assumption we made at some point in this episode phase part!

/tantalizing non-spoiler
Dan H at 18:41 on 2010-11-20
Does Hush, Hush turn out to be *really good*?
Wardog at 18:56 on 2010-11-21
Jamie, stop being a tease. Don't tantalise us, tell us!
Jamie Johnston at 20:47 on 2010-11-21
Well, it turns out in Glass houses that
Michael is totally not the love-interest
after all. Which is pretty cool.
Wardog at 21:04 on 2010-11-21
Srsly? Omg! My tiny mind. It hath blown.
Wardog at 15:21 on 2010-11-22
OMG, OMG, OMG - remember the pile of steaming shite that was Infinity? Well, check this out.
Arthur B at 16:18 on 2010-11-22
I am amazed less by the dolls than by the blurb in the "about the author" box.

The Ruler of the Rulers of the Night, Kenyon creates worlds that have inspired countless millions.

I didn't realise "significantly less than one million" qualifies as countless.
Dan H at 19:55 on 2010-11-22
I suppose if you take it literally "countless" means "unable to be counted" and if you define "counting" as "listing integers starting with one" then any number less than one would be considered "countless".
Andy G at 02:10 on 2010-12-27
Last year my parents got me part 2 of Sandman, and this year I asked them for volume 3. Part 2 is a normal-sized book, so I was quite shocked to find myself unwrapping what can only be described as a tome large enough to have its own gravitational field.

Volume 3 of Sandman consists of parts 11-15 plus various specials. Be warned, sometimes the word you use DOES matter! (not that I'm complaining in this instance!)
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