Peacast III: End of an Era

by Wardog

This may in fact be our last Harry Potter thing.
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In this peacast, we ramble vaguely about Harry Potter, inspired by the fact we've just seen the final Harry Potter movie.

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Great podcast. The last Potter film I saw was GOF and have no interest in seeing the rest.

As far as the end goes....Don't worry we'll all always have Pottermore.
Leia at 08:46 on 2011-07-25
"He looks like a L'Oreal advert because Alan Rickman is worth it, ladies."

Gamer_2k4 at 09:42 on 2011-07-25
Haha, you guys sound so British.

I mean, it's what I EXPECTED, but still...
Wardog at 10:11 on 2011-07-25
Great podcast.

Yay! Very glad you enjoyed it. The nice thing about peacasts is that they require very little set up, investment or editing :P

Don't worry we'll all always have Pottermore

No thanks.



Haha, you guys sound so British.

To be honest, it sounds weird to me as well. Most of the podcasts I listen to are American so when I hear myself - never a pleasant experience at the best of times - I find it a bit confusing.
Arthur B at 10:44 on 2011-07-25
we'll all always have Pottermore.

I want to Googlebomb Pottermore so that the word gets redefined.

Pottermore, n. An embarrassing sexually transmitted disease, the primary symptom being an unsightly rash on the forehead reminiscent of a lightning bolt. Transmitted via contaminated Harry Potter merchandise.

Usage: "We ask convention attendees not to share broomsticks without protection, in order to prevent the spread of Pottermore."
Leia at 11:09 on 2011-07-25
Arthur, pleeeeeeeeeeease how can I help?
Arthur B at 11:17 on 2011-07-25
I understand that Diana Wynne Jones' books can be used to create a soothing cream that both alleviates the rash and helps you get over a bad case of Pottermore. That should help any sufferers you happen to know. Just tell your friends to be careful the next time they touch wands!
Robinson L at 18:03 on 2011-07-25
Gonna wait for the movie (I really am ridiculously spoilerphobic considering the topic is a film whose plot I already know in a franchise I now follow mostly for scorn), but as long as we're talking about Deathly Hallows, here's an entertaining discussion of the book which was linked to my livejournal account a couple months ago. I think my favorite part is the way he sprinkles the text with bits of Rowling apologia posed as questions to him, then replies to one by addressing the questioner as “Lord Voldemort.”

Gamer_2k4: Haha, you guys sound so British.

Kyra: To be honest, it sounds weird to me as well. Most of the podcasts I listen to are American so when I hear myself - never a pleasant experience at the best of times - I find it a bit confusing.

I find you get used to it after the first ~3-4 podcasts.

And for what it's worth, Kyra, I think you all have perfectly lovely recorded voices.
Dan H at 20:09 on 2011-07-25
Wow, I remember that Rilstone post from waaaaay back.

I still love the bit about Rowling's world being fundamentally governed by haircuts.
Robinson L at 12:36 on 2012-03-24
Commenting again now that I've finally gotten around to seeing the movie. I liked it considerably less than you did. Granted, the film is a significant improvement over the book, but it's still too devoted to the original to escape some of its biggest flaws (the idiot plot, bad structuring, pointlessness of the Hallows, failure to call out the “good guys” on their BS …)

The idea of some symbolism in the destruction of the last four Horcruxes didn't even occur to me, but I guess it's kind of neat. (By the way, the country in Pratchett's Pyramids Dan references is called “Djelibeybi.” Insert Tom Baker jokes as necessary.)

I join you in registering my appreciation for less dodgy use of Unforgivable Curses by the “heroes.” On the other hand, they managed to make the Slytherin Exile even more creepy (throwing them in the dungeon, instead of evacuating them to Hogsmeade, which I believe is what happens in the book).

Oh, Harry overpowers Voldemort in the end—is that what happens? The way it was shot, I thought Neville killing the snake triggered his death, like maybe in the movie canon, Voldemort's new body can't survive the destruction of all his Horcruxes. Your interpretation does make more sense though.

Something else I failed to pick up on: the anti-semitic undertone to the Gringotts' sequence. I see what you mean, though.

I notice that the movie cut out all the goblin lore regarding ownership and it didn't establish for sure that Harry intended to betray Griphook. Also in the movie, Griphook already has the sword when he leaves the protagonists to die in the vault, and he leaves his superior to get flamed by a dragon. I agree that there's something deeply skeevy about Harry and co. getting all those goblins and guards killed in their dragonback escape—on the other hand, I would say that Griphook as presented in the movie is unambiguously an asshole.

I'm interested that Dan likes Harry's line to Aberforth Dumbledore when the latter tries to bring up the Interminable Dumbledore Backstory (“No, he didn't tell me, and I don't care, I've got something to do”). On the one hand, no, I don't care about the interminable backstory either, and Harry does have a job to do. On the other hand, in this scene Aberforth is acting as the voice of reason (admittedly, not as well as he did in the book), pointing out how idiotic his brother's plans are and how stupid Harry is for going along with them, and Harry is basically telling him “screw logic, I'll stick with my faith in Dumbledore, thanks!”

That ending (by which I refer to the podcast, not the movie). “We're going to have to find something else to be peeved about.” “I'm sure we'll manage.” I can't work out whether the hokiness of it all detracts from the genuinely touching feel to the moment or enhances it.
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