Ferretbrain Goes to Edinburgh 2011 - Part 2

by Wardog

Wardog is actually making some attempt to get these on the Internet in a remotely timely fashion even though they're largely pointless.
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Part 2 of our adventures in adventures - containing many other top tips for dealing with life, including what you call a nipple tassel for the cock, how to administrate a threesome, the way vegetarian food would be better with meat, and why you can't make Hamlet relevant by putting it modern dress and occasionally referencing Facebook.

We discuss:

Hedda Gabbler
Luke Wright's Cynical Ballards
Bad Bread: TV Times
A Clockwork Orange
52-Man Pickup
Swamp Juice
Beowulf - A Thousand Years of Baggage
3D Hamlet
Vive le Cabaret
Translunar Paradise

Also: as ever sound quality and editing are terrible.

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Arthur B at 10:00 on 2011-08-31
re A Clockwork Orange:
I know the novel better than the film! I actually did a GCSE English Lit essay on it. :D

Hilariously, I was using an old second-hand copy that had come out in the wake of the film, which excludes the last chapter and therefore misses the redemptive bit. The consequence of which is that my entire interpretation of the book is predicated on the lack of a redemptive bit, to the point where when I eventually read a copy with the final chapter included it felt tacked-on and ancillary.

re 52-Man Pickup:
This sounds like a really brave format for a show, because there's a non-zero risk that an audience member asked personal details about their sex life is going to say "None of your fucking business", which I imagine would throw off the show's momentum a bit. I mean, it'd be kind of a rude reaction but hey, there's rude people out there, and sex is the sort of subject people often react strongly and suboptimally to.

re Hamlet of the North Star:
This sounds like the sort of thing that could be very easily retooled to be a hilarious parody of shoddy Hamlet adaptations.
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