Ferretbrain Presents: the TeXt Factor 2011 - Episode 4 - Kittens!

by Wardog

We've made it to week four, go us
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We are still utterly delighted by Cotillion, despite the fact that some of us have no idea what is going on with it. The Color Purple is by turns heartbreaking and weirdly romantic. Peter Whimsy finally shows up in Gaudy Night, and an Oxford college is struck with a terrible spate of trolling. We remain uncertain about the host, and begin to go sour on The Autograph Man.

We make the Talking About Kevin joke yet again, and Jamie finds nice things to say about Middlemarch, while Contest is really quite expositoiny and also daft.

0:00:35 - Introduction and Movies
0:03:31 - Cotillion
0:10:16 - The Color Purple
0:15:44 - Gaudy Night
0:25:38 - Lavinia
0:37:11 - The Host
0:45:22 - The Autograph Man
0:54:46 - We Need to Talk About Kevin
1:03:12 - Middlemarch
1:09:41 - Contest
1:25:45 - Vote

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Comments (go to latest)
Hooray! Contest endures another round.

Also, for some reason, I keep thinking that it's titled "Contest!", as in Contest Exclamation Mark, like the Score! of the previous TextFactor.
Arthur B at 17:31 on 2011-10-10
You have to bear in mind that Contest was Matthew Reilly's first novel! I'm sure that if he rewrote it from scratch there would be an exclamation mark in the title! And at the end! of! every! single! sentence!
Shit, he might even have had time to think of an additional alien race.
Wardog at 10:19 on 2011-10-21
Oh my tiny mind. It is blown.


Oh my tiny mind! It ... is ... blown!!!
Sonia Mitchell at 22:22 on 2011-11-19
I would just like to say that Jamie has made me feel profoundly guilty for being in the pro-Reilly camp.

But, you know, it's the good kind of guilt.

Enjoying the series immensely, by the way.
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