Episode 5 - The Bootlord of Beardaria

by Wardog

Season 2 reaches the halfway point!
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In this episode we try to understand regency slang, find a mystery getting underway, wonder if Stephanie Meyer might actually be doing something clever, and are excited by lesbianism. Some books continue to be controversial, and we encounter the terrifying Bootlord of Beardaria (for which Shim has kindly provided D&D stats).

0:00:35 - Introduction and Favourite Things
0:10:28 - Cotillion
0:20:05 - Gaudy Night
0:27:30 - The Host
0:37:00 - The Color Purple
0:45:15 - We Need to Talk About Kevin
0:57:22 - The Autograph Man
1:06:31 - Contest
1:23:28 - Lavinia
1:34:28 - Vote

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Comments (go to latest)
Arthur B at 14:54 on 2011-10-16
DAN: "I think everyone agrees with everything everyone's said in the conversation [about Kevin]".

Naw, dude. Dude, naw. :)
Arthur B at 15:48 on 2011-10-16
Having finished reading the book which got voted out this time, I can reveal what the most amazing and awesome thing about it is:

Swain's special ability really, honestly is that he knows how magnets work.
http://roisindubh211.livejournal.com/ at 09:33 on 2011-10-18
*My* favorite thing this week: "What is this idea of having had *enough* kittens? Does not compute."

Also, I cannot get the image of Brian Blessed in giant boots out of my head. Thanks, guys. :-P
Wardog at 10:12 on 2011-10-21
Naw, dude. Dude, naw. :)

Don't talk to me about Kevin. I am still angry with you guys over that :P (not really angry).

Also, I cannot get the image of Brian Blessed in giant boots out of my head. Thanks, guys.

*salutes* Just one of the many helpful services we provide :D
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