Episode 6 - Shooting Swords That Are On Fire

by Wardog

This week, with discussion questions!
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This week we are once again challenged by The Color Purple, which remains complicated. We are shamefacedly excited by the Host, and share our suspicions about Gaudy Night. We learn the law regarding the conduct of the man who is more stoned towards the man who is less stoned than he, and we discoverer what happens when the Gates of Mars are opened. And of course we continue to Talk About Kevin.

0:00:34 - Introduction and Discussion Questions
0:08:31 - The Color Purple
0:19:45 - The Host
0:28:04 - Cotillion
0:40:20 - Gaudy Night
0:48:56 - The Autograph Man
0:57:20 - Lavinia
1:05:55 - We Need to Talk About Kevin
1:13:13 - Vote


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Arthur B at 20:49 on 2011-10-23
Oh wow, I'm so enthusiastic about The Host!

That's actually kind of embarrassing because it really goes to shit later on.

Also, I hope the filmmakers take the 50s sitcom approach to WNTTAK, because I'd love to see That's Our Kevin! on the big screen.
Ibmiller at 20:04 on 2011-10-31
Aw, I liked the Host all the way through.

I'm rather sad that Gaudy Night probably won't make it all the way to the chapter where I stopped being "oh, the villain's kind of a joke" and started hating their guts.
Robinson L at 22:02 on 2011-11-05
I have a question about We Need to Talk About Kevin, which we don't necessarily need - no, I'm not even going to go there.

Anyway, in the previous episode, Arthur seemed pretty angry about the book playing into the myth that Some People (as represented by Kevin) Are Born Evil. From the discussion in this round, I thought possibly Arthur may changed his opinion on that point (or maybe not).

So here's my question to any of the panelists who are interested in answering it (and to anyone else who's read some or all of the book): Do you think that We Need to Talk About Kevin strongly supports the myth that Some People Are Just Born Evil?
Michal at 00:26 on 2011-11-06
Do you think that We Need to Talk About Kevin strongly supports the myth that Some People Are Just Born Evil?

Myth? Haven't you seen a picture of evil baby Hitler?
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