Episode 7 - Some of them Have One Shoe?

by Wardog

Our meaningless literary showdown loses another text
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We all feel very positive about the Color Purple, although we have little to say about it. We spend an inordinate amount of time working out exactly which part of Camille is cherubic. We are still embarrassed to enjoy the Host, and excited by undergraduates in Gaudy Night. Alex Li Tandem continues to be a dick, and we wonder if Shim is stoned, and also what on Earth happened in Lavinia?

0:00:40 - Introductions
0:03:31 - The Color Purple
0:06:40 - Cotillion
0:16:28 - The Host
0:24:17 - Gaudy Night
0:31:43 - The Autograph Man
0:44:55 - Lavinia
0:52:21 - Vote

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Arthur B at 14:54 on 2011-10-30
the owls are not what they seem
Ibmiller at 20:05 on 2011-10-31
The undergrads in Gaudy Night are hilarious and wonderful. But they all get cut out in the BBC radio drama, which is nonetheless infinitely better than the BBC miniseries from the 70s/80s (I hated it so much that I refuse to find out the exact decade).
http://roisindubh211.livejournal.com/ at 19:28 on 2011-11-01
Yes- the miniseries was bizarre, because it also cut out all the little clues that let you figure out who's behind it all- there is literally no way to figure it out if you haven't read the book, which is kind of a basic fail for a mystery. You should be going "Ooh, I *see*, that's why X happened earlier!" not "W.T.F. is going on?"
Ibmiller at 14:29 on 2011-11-02
Too true. Also the whole romance, which was downgraded from "psychologically subtle and complex adult relationship" to "something we can throw off with the kind of banal dialogue you can find in any romcom."
http://roisindubh211.livejournal.com/ at 22:09 on 2011-11-03
I found that really disappointing, as well- I thought the actors could handle the subtlety, and I looked forward to seeing them do it.
Robinson L at 20:24 on 2012-03-31
From the discussion of The Host: Okay, was there any particular reason you broke out the Dalek voices when mentioning “The Doctor.” (Maybe it's just that I consider the Daleks massively underwhelming as antagonists, but they're never the first things to come to my mind even when the topic of Doctor Who comes up.)

From the discussion of The Autograph Man: I find that actually, the people I meet everyday are much more interesting than the people I read about in books (even really good books), it's just that 1) the people in books tend to lead lives which are more bombastic than the people I meet everyday; and 2) if the book is any good, the people in it only take a few hours in real time to become really interesting and with no effort on my part as a reader; whereas it takes a great deal of time and some level of familiarity or rapport to learn how interesting the people you meet in real life are.

… All right, that came out a lot more pedantic than I intended. (I ought to make that my new catchphrase.) And speaking of catchphrases, “We're not here to be fair, we're here to be judgmental” would be a terrific tagline for the site.

From the voting round: I applaud Jamie's metric of voting to keep the book which will make for more entertaining TeXt Factor discussions. At least a couple of times, I found myself rooting for one text or another to stay in during the voting round because I find the conversation surrounding some books much more stimulating than others. As a passive listener, I of course have less investment in the process than you all do, but I'm happy to have TeXt Factor judges take up this voting logic on their own initiative.
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