Episode 8 - Guess Who's Been Drinking

by Wardog

We are drunk and mildly disorderly.
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In this episode we have a change of venue, are shocked at the evil of Lady Dolphington, and try to distinguish between a flat and a leg. The Color Purple continues to be remarkable and tragic. We learn of a terrible debagging conspiracy, a mysterious dress, and a vast amount of confusing undergraduate information. The Host descends into a network of secret caves which reminds Arthur of a Dwarven Glory Hole, and the Autograph Man is a bit sort of in-betweeny-not-very-muchy or to put it another way: "Joycean".

0:01:35 - Introductions
0:06:30 - Cotillion
0:16:47 - The Color Purple
0:26:17 - Gaudy Night
0:36:27 - The Host
0:47:16 - The Autograph Man
1:02:24 - Vote

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