Episode 9 - What Year is it Again?

by Wardog

Series Two of the Text Factor is Almost Over
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This week, pants! Chevaliers d'Industrie! Bacon-brained notions in cocklofts! Embarassing fiscal situations! And caves. Lots and lots of bloody caves. And passive-aggressive Cheeto eating.

We're down to four books, we will vote off one of the books. Tune in next week for the exciting finale!

0:00:39 - Introductions
0:06:17 - The Color Purple
0:16:57 - Cotillion
0:32:47 - Gaudy Night
1:00:55 - Vote
0:44:20 - The Host

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Comments (go to latest)
Axiomatic at 17:44 on 2011-11-16
So long, Stephanie Meyer! You had a good run.
Ibmiller at 19:58 on 2011-11-16
Interesting comparison of Meyer's writing to porn - not, interestingly, the first time I've read that (though the other time was from a rather different ideological perspective). I don't necessarily disagree, though I do really enjoy The Host.

Gaudy Night - mmm, mmm, so many questions you raise that I have to be quiet about! After the final TeXt factor, is posting of spoilers okay, or no?
Arthur B at 21:36 on 2011-11-16
That's what spoiler tags are for. :)
Wardog at 22:23 on 2011-11-16
I just want to state clearly and for the record that The Host is awful. Meyer is a terrible writer. And I was wrong, wrong, oh so wrong. Everything I said about it ever was wrong.



Over here. Being wrong.
Arthur B at 23:28 on 2011-11-16
I too, was so very wrong about The Host.
In particular, I was absolutely sure that the pace was about to pick up again after the slack bit we read through for this episode. Wroooooong.
Andy G at 23:35 on 2011-11-16
I have to say, those were *not* the books I was expecting would make it to the finale when I saw the initial line-up!
Arthur B at 23:55 on 2011-11-16
Which were you expecting, out of interest?
Michal at 03:33 on 2011-11-17
I just want to state clearly and for the record that The Host is awful.

So, I'm guessing we only got to hear the very first slip in a long roll downhill?
Shim at 06:58 on 2011-11-17
I feel aggrieved because I embraced the Host quite early on with genuine enthusiasm and then Meyer casually chipped away all the ground from under me. Also because she wasted a genuinely interesting premise and promising beginning on tedious blah. Remember kids, don't let Stephanie Meyer lure you in with false promises.
Andy G at 12:52 on 2011-11-17
@Arthur B Middlemarch, mostly!
Arthur B at 16:14 on 2011-11-17
Well, that's a shame, but it just took too long for Eliot to get to the bit where Dorothea is trapped in the British Library and has to fight a death match against six alien contestants and a ranging monster, which she survives only thanks to her knowledge of theology (so amazing that she can see things in Bibles that other theologians can't see!).
Kellicat at 22:14 on 2011-11-18
I've only listened up the end of episode five so far, but I can't say that I'm surprised that Middlemarch got dropped so early. It took me a while to warm up to it back when I read it. It takes at least a hundred pages to really get going and I didn't love until I got to the part where old Mr. Featherstone is dying and all his greedy relatives showing up to visit him, all hoping to get his money. I won't spoil what happens once he dies, but I found it pretty awesome. It's a wonderful book, but not one suited to the Text Factor.
Robinson L at 20:30 on 2012-03-31
Another slightly freaky coincidence: I first listened to this on New Year's Day, 2012.

Jamie: We are from the future.

Whoa, the way you said that strongly reminded me of this So Bad It's Good boy band my sister used to listen to, Euromotion. Intentional?
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