Ferretcast VII: We Lol for Macragge

by Wardog

Dan, Shim, Arthur and a very bemused Wardog watch the Ultramarines movie...
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(MP3, 48:29, 112 kbps, 38.77 MB)
Contains, um, spoilers for the Ultramarines movie, as well as probably the worst attempt a plot summary you will ever hear.

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Axiomatic at 18:07 on 2012-03-14
I agree with pretty much everything you said, with one provision:

I would wince whenever the movie showed a close-up of a human face. Ye gods, those were bad. They looked...everyone looked like they'd drowned in ice-cold water a week ago, and their faces were about to slough off their skulls.
Arthur B at 18:22 on 2012-03-14
Actually that helped me identify with the Space Marines and see a little bit of myself in them. :)
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