Ferretbrain Presents: The Complete Works of Shakespeare Episode 5 - Timon of Athens

by Wardog

We present Shakespeare's tragic tale of a guy who is a douche and then dies.
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Back from holiday, we pick up the Bard-a-thon with undimmed enthusiasm for our utterly pointless project.
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Arthur B at 15:04 on 2012-09-04
When I watched this I had three major thoughts:

- Wow, Timon is the whiniest troll ever. (I liked the
troll party he throws where he serves water to his guests
- Wow, Timon is Sam Lowry.
- Wait, that's John Bird and John Fortune, where's Rory Bremner?
http://alula_auburn.livejournal.com/ at 07:31 on 2012-09-13
I saw a production of this circa 1995, and what I mostly remember was a TREMENDOUS amount of stage business with cell phones, which I guess in 1995 was more of a signifier of rich douchiness than it might be now. Like, at Timon's dinner party, everyone was on cell phones and it was very "aha! look at those shallow flatterers, with their cell phones!"

When I read it for class this year, I found myself with a mildly obsessive BUT WHO BURIED TIMON kind of thing. Like, it's all very well to go off to the wild and kill yourself, but erecting your own headstone is kind of a feat. (But the quarter before I was reading Beckett, and I also had this weird thing where reading Timon was like reading Shakespeare taking the piss out of Beckett. Because, er, he was a time traveler? And he was all, dude, I can write a play where a guy curses everyone from a hole too!) Also, there's this whole weirdness, which I think often gets cut or changed in production (or maybe is just less weird on stage than it reads), that there's two totally different versions of his epitaph.

(Also, as an aside, the King Lear I saw featured Stacy Keach nudity. I think Kyra wins!)
Ibmiller at 07:56 on 2012-09-13
So...hopefully "undimmed enthusiasm" isn't irony? Because I am loving everything so far!
Wardog at 11:23 on 2012-09-13
Enthusiasm is, indeed, undimmed!

We had to take a bit of a break because I managed to injure myself in a really stupid way but the life and death of KJ awaits!

Also we are going to see Timon at the National on Saturday. SQUEE!
Ibmiller at 21:01 on 2012-09-13
Hooray! Are you going to peacast on the NT Timon? With Simon Russell Beale (love that guy)?
Jamie Johnston at 15:16 on 2012-09-15
Hope you enjoy (or probably by the time you read this it should say 'enjoyed') the NT production!

Timon is another one I saw when I was quite young and I really didn't know what to make of it except that I didn't really like the guy or feel sorry for him. Glad to hear that that was probably a valid reaction.

I was interested in the brief bit of discussion about patronage of the arts. Wasn't Shakespeare's company sponsored by the Lord Chamberlain and the Queen (or was it the King) at some points? I don't know whether that means they were getting public money or private money from public figures — obviously it isn't the same thing as being funded by the Arts Council or the BBC licence fee, but I wonder whether it would have been perceived at the time as a slightly different system of arts funding than the one depicted in the play. Or maybe not, I have no idea.

(Also if we're doing 'Naked Lears I have known', mine is Ian Holm.)
Wardog at 22:19 on 2012-09-15
I raise you one Sir Ian McKellen.

Consider your naked Lear officially pwned.
Jamie Johnston at 13:08 on 2012-09-16
And now I'm having unwanted Bilbo v Gandalf naked wrestling thoughts. D:
Arthur B at 17:08 on 2012-09-16
They have to pad the The Hobbit out into a trilogy somehow...
Wardog at 12:25 on 2012-09-21
When I read it for class this year, I found myself with a mildly obsessive BUT WHO BURIED TIMON kind of thing.

Wow. You are right. I guess he maybe didn't need burying on account of being already pre-holed.
Arthur B at 13:28 on 2012-09-21
Maybe he buried himself alive.

Maybe he kept going down there for thousands of years fuelled by PURE HATE.

Maybe he's going to come back and show as all the meaning of true douchiness.

Anyone up for Timon II: Timon Takes New York?
Wardog at 13:31 on 2012-09-21
Timon II: the douche strikes back.
Arthur B at 13:38 on 2012-09-21
Indiana Timon and the Temple of Douche.
Look Who's Timon Too.
Timon of Athens and the Chamber of Douches.
Timonator 2: Douchement Day.
Mad Timon 2: The Road Doucher.
Timonlander 2: The Douchening.
Timon 2: Electric Douchealoo.
The Douche Reloaded.
Timon-light 2: Douche Moon.
The Timon Douchepremacy.
Timon of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Douche.
For a Few Douches More.
The Douche's Rejects.
Arthur B at 14:54 on 2012-09-21
Oh god how could I have forgot this one?

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