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  • at 23:07 on 13-11-2014

    Arthur, I don't disagree with you there and I do neither say she shouldn't get the award nor that she should be ostracized. I'm just arguing that if your are on that step (and a JWCJR is the p...

  • at 21:52 on 13-11-2014

    @arthur: I disagree on the first part, but to me that has to do with the question at which point you become a "public figure". To me a JWCJR nomination is enough for that and at that point I t...

  • at 20:16 on 13-11-2014

    To be honest, I'm not sure that linking a public figure to previous writing, even if done pseudonymously, really constitutes "doxxing somebody". And that post by Laura Mixon also does not exac...

  • at 23:45 on 12-10-2014

    That's a shame. I also notice that the "Travel" section under "By Theme" seems to be missing. Is there any chance you can repost your insightful backpacker's tips for Tlön, Uqbar and/or O...

  • at 20:17 on 06-10-2014

    it makes me want to speculate who's been holding the copyright up to this point - somehow, I doubt it's a Hitler Family Estate  It went to the Federal State of Bavaria after Hit...

  • at 09:28 on 05-10-2014

    Forbes author manages to hila...

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