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  • at 21:35 on 22-04-2012

    That made my day also, said this liberal disingenously.

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  • 22:23, 14-05-2012 on Cabin Fever:

    Could someone review something fun & lighthearted for a change, like Ghibli's 'The Secret World of Arritty?' I never really...

  • 02:26, 25-04-2012 on Where Did the Hack Go Wrong?:

    As much as I appreciated the fun fx of the Matrix, I couldn't get too excited about a franchise where all the other living being...

  • 00:31, 25-04-2012 on Building a Dynasty:

    Call me shallow, but I get a big kick out of any period drama where Lovejoy plays a corrupt cardinal and Jeremy Irons plays a co...

  • 23:28, 24-04-2012 on We Need to Talk About Hitler:

    Arthur, I too stand in awe of your essay skills but where in heck do you find the time to write all this stuff?  ...

  • 22:44, 24-04-2012 on We Need to Talk About Hitler:

    Why do I find posts on Babylon5 & DS9 on a Hitler thread disturbing? Perhaps I'm even more disturbed by the fact that my go...

  • 21:19, 22-04-2012 on When Harry Met Enid:

    TheMerryMustelid:   I have no illusions that it's great literature, but I think fellow fantasy writers like Terry P...

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