One of those third culture kids who can't seem to stay in one place for more than a few years - currently on country number five/six/seven, depending on how you count.

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  • at 22:14 on 01-07-2018

    @Raymond H: sympathy and good luck in the job search!

  • at 16:00 on 20-02-2018

    Anyone seen The Shape of Water? Thoughts?

  • at 20:33 on 10-06-2017

    [skips right past all the recent political... Stuff]  Wonder Woman! What did people think?

  • at 22:22 on 19-06-2016

    Rest in peace, Anton Yelchin. :(

  • at 11:23 on 16-03-2016

    @Jamie: That does look shiny, thanks for sharing!  And speaking of shiny things, I've just finished Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice (gender and AI and consciousness, oh my!) an...

  • at 21:57 on 12-03-2016

    Seconding support for the FerretNibble idea! Would the idea be that people submit mini-articles as inspired, and you wait till you have enough to fill out an article slot, Arthur? (i.e. perhap...

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  • 19:31, 20-06-2018 on Eromanga Sensei: Overrated Trash:

    Regardless of where you sit on the Kinsey Scale or romantic scale or whatever hip new spectrum is hep with the kids these day...

  • 17:56, 09-07-2016 on Absolutely Delirious:

    This is the first I've ever heard of this, but it sounds amazing, and I've just ordered a copy.

  • 20:04, 02-03-2016 on The Fionavar Travesty:

    I read this a few years ago, and did in fact finish the trilogy, though in hindsight I'm pretty surprised I did. I don't remembe...

  • 14:45, 26-02-2015 on A Rowling In the Nest:

    I just read this (my decision to pick it up being mostly based on this review, actually), and quite enjoyed it for what it is, i...

  • 20:28, 25-01-2015 on The Reading Canary: Fighting Fantasy (Part 5):

    If you're going to go that route, surely you'd also mention Thor? He strikes me as one of the earliest examples of a mythic h...

  • 22:57, 23-01-2015 on Catharsis by Rabbit:

    Oh goodness, this book sounds wonderful, I shall have to keep an eye out for it.  (I have to say, I had a moment ...

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