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  • at 02:29 on 21-11-2014

    Robinson L., thanks for your kind words and understanding. Thanks all for listening.  I'm nipping back in to say: I don't, can't, won't speak for all PoC, in case this gets brought up...

  • at 21:30 on 20-11-2014

    Thanks everyone.   A good rule of thumb is that if you feel the need to add 'I just wanted to say...' then you may want to check whether you're actually just repeating yourself. It's f...

  • at 21:12 on 18-11-2014

    Janne, speculating about a person's mental health is absolutely disgusting. Stop that. We need to examine RH's behaviour in a larger context where each and every person owns their actions, and...

  • at 20:15 on 21-10-2014

    Oh, like, Stop The GR Bullies? YEAH. Hale, one of the authors, seems surrounded by people who have no clue about boundaries and constantly enable her stalking of people. This isn't the first t...

  • at 18:12 on 21-10-2014

    It has never been a good time for women to Have Opinions On The Internet, but the mainstream media is covering more and more of GamerGate and the numerous women who have had to flee their home...

  • at 13:38 on 13-09-2014

    Robinson L., you describe 'having been' That Guy.   Well, congratulations, you are being That Guy right now! WAHEEEY *party poppers, kazoos*  It's okay. Have a seat.

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