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  • at 04:08 on 01-07-2016

    the idea that a large majority of Tories would vote for Brexit but that Leave would nevertheless lose the referendum, thus providing Boris with compelling evidence of his sway over...

  • at 11:30 on 25-06-2016

    Makes sense, I guess.  

    you were Doing A Literature, especially if you were dealing with hardcore SF fans who didn't read much non-genre fiction
      It jus...

  • at 06:36 on 25-06-2016

    Re: Heinlein - the thing about his work is that whilst the Lazarus Long stuff and Stranger In a Strange Land get hyped because they had highbrow pretensions and came out jus...

  • at 10:40 on 24-06-2016

    How the hell do Heinlein's books come so highly recommended, when they're like. The incest series, and the polyvangelist cult series.  I mean, I know he wrote other things, but the La...

  • at 03:59 on 14-06-2016

    What with most of the victims apparently also being Latino, it seems to add insult to injury that, of course, people want to blame "immigrants", despite the shooter having been born her...

  • at 03:09 on 13-06-2016

    Yes, and I also can't wait for millions of christians to suddenly "care" about homophobia to the extent that they can frame it as a uniquely islamic problem and not something that christianity...

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