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  • at 21:26 on 23-01-2013

    I really hope the XKCD guy wasn't trying to blow anyone's mind. I'm not seeing how it isn't just a rehash of the old perceived reality versus objective reality argument college frat bro-losop...

  • at 07:58 on 02-01-2013

    Strange Horizons, knowing exactly the sort of things that interest me, has a good article on Wagner's Ring Cycle, its...

  • at 05:28 on 18-12-2012

    I'm pretty sure I put near 1000 hours into Morrowind...  Though this was back when it was released, so alas, no Steam to document it all for me (as an aside, does anyone else kinda hat...

  • at 05:44 on 14-12-2012

    and then the author gives a date not in A.D. but in A.C.E., a terminology no one used in the Sixties, and which was obnoxiously politically correct. ... I realized I was not in the...

  • at 23:50 on 13-12-2012

    Why is it the "political correctness gone mad!" folks can never write a blogpost that isn't saga-length?  

    For someone so keen on preserving and celebrating the history of t...

  • at 03:40 on 06-12-2012

    Re: Yahtzee  I hadn't watched Zero Punctuation for a year or so prior to the Blops II review, but his critique was far more astute than I expected from him. Of course, his delivery w...

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